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Billionaire Dies, Leaves Unusual Request in Will

2006-05-06 - 作者 Svarthol

The famed Gallente businessman, entrepeneur and playboy Ruevo Aram has just passed at the age of 173. Admired by the intellectual society for his skill at solving seemingly unsolvable riddles. Known for his wild behavior and rumoured to have ties deep within the Gallente government, he will be missed by many.

In his will, he left this message:

“At the time of my death, one person will have a chance to make history. In the event of my death, ninety-eight percent of my wealth is to be transferred to the government of the Caldari Sate, they have their orders on what to do with it. The rest will go to the first person who solves these eleven riddles:

1 _You might not heed this advice or care do not go into HED it’s guaranteed that somebody’s there to fill your body with lead._

2 Twenty-two trustworthy men
in a popular traders den
mysterious number four
opens this magical door.

3 Coming and laying their tents
causing shouts and creating dents
holding their ground for weeks
reaching their peaks
until the coming of tweaks.

4 Once friends
once learning
now fiends
now burning

5 Down in Stain
there lies a system
with one way in
it is most eastern

6 Many a travellers dream
as hopeless at it may seem
a friend of mine named Gep
is the closest you’ll ever get.

7 She foiled their plan
and most of them ran
it did not last
this empire of the past.

8 Fast deployment and swift results
they’ll work for whoever pays
a night stalkers honor heavily weighs
on the orders he gets and obey’s.

9 To do is to be
to do is me
machine I am
scientist I am
or rather, was.

10 A highly dangerous place
you’ll find the next clue
hidden away
close to the diamond ace.

11 A purple Amarr to the south
deep in the empire’s mouth.
above the sea with two ways in
find this system and win."

Whatever these riddles mean, or where they lead, this reporter cannot tell. Just how large Ruevo's fortune was remains uncertain, although it is believed to have been in the hundreds of billions.

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