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Core Empire Systems Straining From Traffic

2005-10-09 - 作者 Svarthol

A number of Empire solar systems are straining from the massive traffic running through them in recent months, and severe measures need to be taken to rectify the situation. Local authorities are negotiating with mega-corporations who base their business operations in Rens, Oursulaert and Jita to move some of their assets to nearby solar systems so the load on the core areas may be diverted.

Pilots and corporations based in the Rens, Oursulaert and Jita systems are encouraged to relocate their businesses, and start using their connections with agents in nearby systems. Mega-corporation officials point out that pilots can remain in business with them and advise capsuleers to utilize their agents in lower security systems, where the agent missions and contracts are more lucrative.

A Rens pilot, when asked about the situation, stated that "The gobleeeep dableep station manager bastbleep had me waiting for 7 minutes before allowing me to undock. I'm going to the nearest 0.6, where you get complimentary bathrobes from agents. Fubleep this bleeeeep bleep."

An Oursulaert native went on record, saying "They better fix the bleep bleep bleep jump bleep gates before I bleepbleepbleep and then some." He then shouted something incomprehensible at nearby Customs Officials, subtle foam beginning to assemble at the corners of his mouth as he finally became able to jump to the next system.

Similar stories have been reported in systems like Nonni, Sobaseki, Inoue and Isaziwa. Wasona Binge reported that rush hour traffic was approaching "Clusterfubleeep proportions."