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Loyalist Capsuleers Publish Amarr Influenced Prayer Book

2010-10-20 - 作者 Svarthol

Last month, the capsuleer owned Khanid Publishing House Ltd. released their Book of Prayer and Devotions for the Reclaimer, a compilation of prayers and holy scriptures designed for loyalist Amarr capsuleers. The Book is available to every capsuleer free of charge. It is 30 pages long and includes words of faith, prayers for battle troops and officers, benedictions and sermons.

The book was written by Odelya d’Hanguest of the 1st Praetorian Guard; "The first goal [is] to humbly offer a small spiritual guide for the faithful... behind the fighting crusader there are doctors, scientists, engineers and resource harvesters, instructors, officials and employees from offices, proud representatives of every area of our intellectual life that even in the midst of war produces miracles of Amarrian genius and contributes to the Reclaiming. It is for all of them."

The book was well received by many in the Amarr capsuleer community who praise the level of detail and the 'righteousness' the Book of Prayer and Devotion for the Reclaimer offers.

Not everyone received the publication of the book positively. Some Minmatar capsuleers feel offended by this 'book of faith' and fear it will promote injustice. "It makes direct reference to the event known amongst my people as 'The Day Of Darkness'; the subjugation and enslavement of our entire race." declared a Damu'Khonde representative, adding his belief that this book is the result of the wealth the Amarr empire spend in propaganda each year. "It is a symbol of the enemy, rather than a threat." points out Elsebeth Rhiannon, an influential Minmatar spokesperson.

Despite the criticism, Khanid Publishing House plans to continue its effort to bring more literature to the 'faithful'. "Everyone who is in our spirit has a chance to publish. We can only encourage everyone to send us manuscripts", says Odelya d'Hanguest adding that they are planning new publications in the foreseeable future.

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