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Paradigm Alliance Embarks on Mercenary Life

2010-06-06 - 作者 Svarthol

Urlen, The Forge - This latest part in a series of articles on the mercenary forces of New Eden examines newcomers, Paradigm Allliance. It was created on 112.04.18 and claims to have taken down ships worth billions of ISK, including strategic cruisers and faction battleships, in the short span of its existence.

According to Rishard DuMonte, spokesman for Paradigm, the alliance was created “to provide a stable and flexible base for professional mercenary corporations to combine their talents and service a wide variety of contracts.”

Paradigm Alliance is currently working their first contract against Providence residents Opticon Alliance; so far, Paradigm state they have downed approximately 300 ships valued at around 20 billion ISK and attribute the recent departure or closure of multiple corporations (5 in the last 2 weeks) from Opticon to their action.

Cannonman58102, CEO of Opticon Industries (executor corporation of the Opticon Alliance) issued a statement about the heavy losses claiming that “We were not able to route sufficient numbers to high security space to counteract them (Paradigm Alliance) without leaving our 0.0 home undermanned.” He also stated that his alliance has begun to send pilots into high security space to “deal with the threat,”, and claimed that the war has turned “more even” during the last week of the war.

BC Hastings, CEO of rival mercenary force Privateers, said that he “would consider them [Paradigm] nothing in his league nor in any of the known mercenaries' league.” For comparison, BC Hastings presented the statistics of his own alliance, which allegedly averages approximately 4000 ship-kills worth an estimated 300 billion ISK, per month. Privateer have roughly 5 times as many members as Paradigm at present, the bulk of Paradigm's numbers being made up by the 44 pilots of Maelstrom Crew, formerly of the Underworld Excavators alliance.

Paradigm Alliance's spokesman, Rishard DuMonte, said that his mercenary alliance, while only being just over a month old, will "go the extra yard to find our targets, wherever they are and ensure that the contract goals are met."

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