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Sansha's Nation Attempt Jita Blockade

2011-07-26 - 作者 Svarthol

New Caldari, The Forge – Late last week, Sansha's Nation vessels commanded by Citizen Astur invaded New Caldari and sieged the entrance gate to Jita.

On 21.7.113 at around 13:15 New Eden time, two wormholes formed in New Caldari close to the jumpgate leading into Jita and spewed out at least two dozen Sansha's Nation frigates.

Koja Tsutariba from the State Protectorate replied with an emergency request for capsuleer assistance in the surrounding systems.

Jita, the largest trade hub in New Eden, is usually bustling with as many as a thousand capsuleers. A number of these capsuleers answered the call within minutes, rushing over to New Caldari. Ice Shard was one of them: "I read [the emergency request] in local and was not afraid, it was a good challenge."

A quickly growing fleet easily dispatched the Sansha frigates, only to encounter approximately 20 Sansha battleships emerging from the wormhole. The capsuleer fleet, counting over 100 pilots by now, suffered some losses but killed the initial Sansha battleship fleet.

Additional battleships soon appeared, followed by a Revenant-class Sansha Supercarrier with Citizen Astur in command. The capsuleer fleet, lead by Grideris from Fleet Coordination Command, destroyed the battleships and also dispatched the Sansha supercarrier.

Ice Shard, scoring the most damage on the Revenant, seemingly enjoyed the fight; "It was fun, next time Sansha are welcome to Jita."

After and even during the battle, several people took the opportunity to salvage and loot the already destroyed ships, gaining some income without firing a single shot.

The purpose behind the attack on New Caldari still remains unclear as Sansha incursions continue to sprout along trade routes.

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