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Takamatsu Starbase Generates Controversy

2005-11-09 - 作者 Svarthol

Independent observers have validated that the Takamatsu Trading Exchange has been dumping garbage into their starbase, confirming the worst fears of the native population. Approximately 4.5 million units of garbage were dumped by the sixth planet, and while most was burned up in atmosphere, a substantial amount has been drifting around the moons of the sixth planet for two days now. Children's toys, biomass, fertilizer, tobacco products, and waste debris from dozens of planets now dim the light from the system's primary. Rumors have surfaced of prominent Obe citizens searching for mercenaries to stop the garbage dumping.

Obe system's residents, among them several prominent fringe merchants, are not happy with the actions of the Takamatsu corporation. The day before yesterday the sentiment quickly grew to violence as the “NBSI” alliance opened fire on a Takamatsu Bustard tender, quickly destroying the ship while the Takamatsu leader ordered the rest to dock and return to the starbase.

Among the comments slung around local were seemingly hostile comments about the Caldari State. Lunas Feelgood, of NBSI, stated, “NBSI is in control of this area and the Caldari navy is not here,” to which the Takamatsu leader called his actions “piracy,”. Lunas Feelgood responded “Again this is not piracy its simply murder.”

Feelgood's sentiments were mirrored in his fellow pod-pilots. “No matter how bloated your egos are,” the TAKA leader said, “you're not the rulers here. The Caldari State is. You can expect some consequences.” “We wait for those with open arms,” pilot Gazmus stated, while his fellow pilot Philip Sterling put bluntly, “they may have sovereignty, but we have the confirmation of several kills”

The Caldari State has yet to release an official statement on the matter.