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The December Release Is Now Live!

2018-12-11 - 作者 CCP Falcon

We're super happy to announce that the December release is now live after a slightly extended daily downtime!

This release brings a whole host of features and improvements, including the first iteration on wardec changes, as well as the new Rodiva and Zarmazd class Triglavian logistics cruisers and remote repair modules to complement them.

Certain types of planets in New Eden will start to see the rare appearance of Auroras at their poles, and the Etana class Alliance Tournament prize cruiser also receives a unique new model.

In addition to this, quality of life and balance changes will be packaged with this release, including a number of UI and UX tweaks, as well as improved new player experience flow and adjustments to the respawn rates of certain nullsec anomalies.

13 Days Of EVE!

In addition to all this, the December release sees the kickoff of the 13 days of EVE, where pilots will receive gifts for cumulative days of activity in New Eden between December 11th and 28th.

Be sure to log in as either an Alpha or Omega pilot during this 18 day window and your days of activity will stack to earn you rewards during the 13 days of EVE.

If you're an Alpha pilot, you can upgrade at any point during the 18 days to also unlock all the omega rewards accrued for your days of activity!

Alpha Pilots

During the 13 days of EVE, Alpha pilots will be able to earn all new facial augmentations, Ice Cloud Investigator SKINs for the Apotheosis and Sunesis, a Calm Abyssal Filament Crate, Frostline Explorations suits, faction ammunition crates and 50,000 free skillpoints!

Omega Pilots

In addition to all the Alpha pilot rewards, those with Omega clones will be able to claim additional Ice Cloud Investigator SKINs for the Praxis and Gnosis, more facial augmentations and additional faction ammo crates, as well as all new boosters, an additional 150,000 skillpoints, and an 'Absolute' injection Augmentor booster, which expires early in the new year, but in the meantime, allows the pilot who consumes it to utilize three skill injectors with zero diminishing effects!

Be sure to log in and stack up those days to earn fabulous rewards!

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