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War of New Eden

2007-02-25 - 作者 Svarthol

NEW EDEN - The southern regions of New Eden have become engulfed in an epic war that has seen former enemies come together against a common foe, the Band of Brothers (BoB) and Lotka Volterra (LV). The war threatens to upset the balance of power in the galaxy, and has so far seen some staggering losses on both sides. BoB has long since declared that dominating all non-secure space has been their long- term goal, and no alliance has yet been able to stop their advances. Only now has a Coalition emerged to attempt to halt them in their tracks. The question remains; can they succeed where others have failed?

At times referred to as the “Great South War”, the conflict has pitted a majority of alliances against a numerically inferior but in the main, more experienced foe. This war is no different from the ones that rage daily in our homes and far-flung systems alike; except that the manner of which it is being fought is reminiscent of the old Corporation Wars that lurk in the shadows of history.

The pod pilot community has long become accustomed to the rise and fall of entities, be they corporations that have written themselves into history with their actions or alliances with the power to be that story. With the four Empires involved in their own perpetual struggles and unwilling, or even perhaps unable to stop the onslaught, it has fallen upon the capsuleer pilots to self-govern. The growing concern amongst those few remaining independent alliances and the lingering discontent displayed by those displaced by BoB’s to date, rarely impeded advances have culminated finally, in all out war.

To fully understand the complex political situation, we shall be offering an in-depth analysis of the conflict from a variety of perspectives. Covering the war from the view of the pod pilots fighting, report on why they chose to be at war, and why they chose the side they are on.

The current Coalition consists of:

  • Red Alliance - RA

  • Against ALL Authorities - -A-

  • GoonSwarm - OHGOD / GS

  • Tau Ceti Federation - TCF

  • Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate - IAC

  • Curse Alliance - CA

  • Dusk and Dawn - D²

  • RAZOR Alliance - RZR

  • Imperial Republic Of the North - IRON

  • Morsus Mihi - RAWR / MM

  • Knights Of the Southerncross - KOS

  • SMASH Alliance - SMASH

  • Triumvirate. - TR

  • Sparta Alliance - -SPR-

  • Pandemic Legion - -10

with the BOB Allied forces including:

  • Band of Brothers - BOB

  • Lotka Volterra - LV

  • Firmus Ixion - FIX

  • Xelas Alliance - XS

  • R i s e - RISE

  • Corelum Syndicate - CORELI

  • Axiom Empire - AXE

  • Exuro Mortis - OSNAP

  • Aftermath Alliance - PANIC

  • Mercenary Coalition – MC (contracted by BOB)

Fighting has still been very intense on both sides, with major losses of both territory and ships. Of significance is:

Southern Front Battlefield Theatre – Querious

Coalition forces have attacked multiple systems in Querious, with 9CG6-H being the focal point of their offensive. At this time no stations have changed hands, despite almost daily losses of starbases around the region. Both sides have devoted much of their resources to the defence of their own starbases, understanding their tactical importance as both regroup points for fleets and safe havens for capitals, essential for a foothold in the region.

FIX are believed to have hired KIA alliance (exact figures are unknown, but unconfirmed sources have put the mercenary alliance’s bill at 5.7 billion isk for their services) to attempt to sever the Coalition forces supply routes to Querious.


So far a BoB/FIX capital fleet has engaged and destroyed 6 RZR/MM/IRON Dreadnoughts for the loss of one large tower and three more placed into reinforced mode.

Eastern Front Battlefield Theatre – Detorid, Wicked Creek, Tenerifis, and Omist

Coalition forces destroyed a Lotka Volterra capital shipyard. Widespread rumours alleged that a Titan class ship under construction was destroyed – the numbers of those involved reaching staggering proportions lends credence to the assertions. Red Alliance reinforcements ultimately prevailed on the field and the loss of the Allied shipyards seems to have dampened LV's will to fight and set off a negative chain reaction that now has the predators of Eve likely hunting for a new home.


An LV and BoB fleet moved to assault KZFV-4 and was repelled by a larger IAC fleet. IAC/GS held the field in KZFV-4.


An LV and ISS capital fleet destroyed an IAC Nyx-class Mothership.

Western Front Battlefield Theatre – Fountain

Initially Coalition forces captured the outpost system of 7BX-6F in northern Fountain and were met with spirited but ultimately ineffective resistance. Their attempts to push forward were held back when Allied forces arrived, who then retook the 7BX-6F station.

The loss of the station was compounded by the destruction of a Coalition Titan from D2. In a spectacular display of the value of subterfuge, a spy prevented the super-capital ship from safely leaving space and, having been probed out; a BoB fleet engaged and destroyed the behemoth, the second ship of its class to fall prey to them. Although Coalition forces have suffered some heavy losses and setbacks, their resolve remains unbroken and the appearance of a second Titan recently has shown a willingness to continue their campaign despite the heaviest of losses.

Allied forces in the area are currently holding the tide of Coalition forces back with the help of the second Allied Titan of the BoB fleet.

Despite the significant losses of both ships and territory in these opening stages of the war, many agree that a final conclusion is both difficult to ascertain and a long way off. The almost unprecedented resolve of both sides in this war to come out as victors lends weight to the frequent claims that this will be a epic, protracted war of attrition that will see many more losses, and test the fortitude of all involved parties.