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10% off Specialist Packs – 24h left!

2021-10-09 - 작성자 EVE Online Team

Specialist Capsuleers,

You only have 24 hours to get 10% off the specialist Foreman, Destroyer, and Black Ops Packs in the EVE Store, as the offer ends at 11:00 UTC on 10 October! In addition, you have until 14 October to get your hands on the new Glass Semiotique monocle to customize your character, available now in EVE Online’s New Eden Store.

The Black Ops Pack includes 6 months of Omega, 2860 PLEX, half a million Skill Points, 6 months of Multiple character training, awesome Fireblade Guerilla SKINs, Expert Cerebral Accelerator and Blood Raider apparel.

The Foreman Pack brings great value to industry-minded Capsuleers. This awesome pack contains a wealth of PLEX, Omega time, Skill Points, 3 months of Multiple Character Training, Expert Cerebral Accelerator, magnificent Capsuleer Day XVIII SKINs for the Rorqual, Orca, and Porpoise, plus character apparel.

The Destroyer Pack offers PLEX, half a million Skill Points, boosters, a character implant and four stunning SKINs for destroyer class ships.

Don’t forget that the spectacular Glass Semiotique monocle is also still available in EVE Online’s New Eden Store, but only until 11:00 UTC on 14 October, so this is your only chance before it's gone forever! Wear this coveted cosmetic today and join the exclusive monocle owners club while you still can.