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A Call to Art: Contest Winners

2015-06-09 - 작성자 GM Grave

Dearest space faring artisans,

After a lively debate, the CS team has finished their final voting and selected our favourite art to be displayed on the office wall in Reykjavik. 

On behalf of the CS team here in Reykjavik, I want to thank each and every artist who took the time to share their work with us.  We were simply blown away by the talent and creativity displayed by our players during this contest.

While there could be only two winners for the large canvas display, there were so many great pieces that the team really loved, so we took the liberty of creating 3 runner up positions that will be printed and displayed on a smaller scale in the office as well.

So without further ado, please join me in congratulations our winning artists!

Large canvas winner:

“Sandcastles Before Me” by Kalistonius II

Large canvas winner:

“The Patrol” by Rixx Javix

Small canvas runner up:

“Lobach” by Dome Odu

Small canvas runner up:

“Death of the Tengu” by Saladiin

Small canvas runner up:

”Trap” by Eraly Moonbringer

Once again, congratulations to our winning artists and our sincere thanks to everyone taking part.  We’ll get to work on the printing and logistics necessary for displaying the winning entries in the Reykjavik office and will then provide updates showcasing the winning pieces in their final form and full glory once they’re up on the wall.

Lead GM Grave
CCP Customer Support