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A Frenzy of Frigates

2022-03-17 - 작성자 EVE Online Team

Frosty Capsuleers,

Get ready to heat up your guns in Stay Frosty’s 8th annual Frigate Free-For-All. Head over to Ouelletta between 16-22:00 UTC on 19 March to get your hands on one of 10,000 free frigates and the EVE experience of a lifetime!

Once you arrive, simply dock up at one of Stay Frosty’s structures to receive a ship. Then undock and enjoy the free-for-all system-wide carnage. There are no limits on how often you can ask for a new ship so use the opportunity to get better at PvP, to have fun in a new ship, or just kick back and watch the explosions.

Everyone is invited so be sure to head over for prizes, SKINs, capital kills, and more. And in Rixx Javix’s own words: it is difficult to explain just how much fun these events actually are. The best way is to experience them for yourself.”

2v2 Frigate Frenzy Proving Grounds

Alongside the Frigate Free-For-All will be a 2v2 Proving Ground event featuring team-based frigate combat for Capsuleers of any and all skill levels to take part in. The Proving Ground will run until 22 March and will feature the following ships to choose from: Punisher, Tormentor, Merlin, Kestrel, Incursus, Tristan, Rifter, Breacher, Executioner, Condor, Atron, and Slasher.

The make the event more enticing for brand new players, modules choices for the event are limited to Meta 0 base modules only. That means You can take a Warp Scrambler I, but not an Initiated Compact Warp Scrambler for example. Module Meta Level can be seen in the Show Info window.

So, pick your favorite frigate, pick your wingman, and head out for some amazing 2v2 abyssal action!

Frigate Frenzy Deals

Starting today and running through to 22 March, you will find some awesome deals in both the EVE Store and the in-game New Eden Store. Get the Clover Pack in the EVE Store to get 720 PLEX with a premium Gila Abyssal Exostorm SKIN and 1,000 Hypercores included free!

Better still, head to the New Eden Store to spend your PLEX on Omega time for a second set of SKIN gifts. The Kestrel Matigu Seabeast SKIN is free with 1 month of Omega and four more are up for grabs with 12 months. Choose this to receive Matigu Seabeast SKINs for the Hawk, Crow, Kitsune, and Manticore – four incredible T2 Caldari frigates.

Check out the deals today then get stuck into frigate fun this weekend in New Eden!