Abyssal Proving Grounds – New Event | EVE Online

Abyssal Proving Grounds – New Event

2021-03-12 - 작성자 CCP Dopamine

Gear up, Capsuleers!

The Abyssal Proving Grounds are reopening for battle, with a new round themed to compliment the simultaneous Federation Grand Prix event.

This Abyssal Proving Grounds event runs from 11:00 UTC on 12 March to 11:00 UTC on 16 March. Throughout that period, brave pilots are invited to test their nerves via the thrilling pursuit that is 1v1 Interceptor combat.

Combatants that enter will all be granted a special 100% ship velocity bonus, promising fast-paced, high-energy battles. Just as with the Federation Grand Prix, this round is set to be defined by speed, so make sure you strap in.

For this round the permitted hulls are the Ares, Claw, Crow, Crusader, Malediction, Raptor, Stiletto, and Taranis.

The following limitations have also been set:

  • Modules limited to meta level 5 and below
  • No pirate implants

Don’t forget that you can follow Capsuleer performance throughout the round using the in-game leaderboards.