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Amarr Navy Forming Expeditionary Fleet

2009-03-10 - 작성자 Svarthol

In an effort to gather further information about the anomalies and items contained within, the Amarr Navy announced the hasty muster of an expeditionary fleet. Carrying a mixture of scientific vessels, scanning equipment, and naval firepower, the fleet expects to be able to safely track down, explore, and document the newly-appearing wormholes.

"We stand at the dawn of a new era," said Admiral Ren Karetta, Deputy Chief for Exploratory Reconnaissance, in a prepared statement. "Links to undiscovered systems, and the reports from the Federation corporation CreoDron regarding the potential for the existence of intelligent life; these are discoveries that will test our faith and commitment. There have been staggering losses today. Millions dead in Seyllin and elsewhere as systems were torn apart by powerful events. Tragic rioting and panic have left thousands injured and in fear. But there is now a glimmer of hope; one which we intend to investigate.

"If the suggestions prove true, new civilizations may exist in corners of the universe that we are just discovering today. It falls to us to seek out what lessons the Lord has provided us in them. We must bring peace and knowledge, shining our purifying light as we scatter the darkness.

Reports of Navy vessels forming up around stations in the Amarr system seem to confirm speculation that fleet elements were being immediately assembled from nearby available assets, instead of using an existing fleet structure. At this time, no final timetable has been released to the public, nor have requests for further information from the Imperial Navy been answered.