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Amarrian loyalists clash with Gallente nationalist alliance

2006-01-18 - 작성자 Svarthol

Last fortnight saw the Aegis Militia declare a formal war against The Cyrene Initiative after an apparent escalation in hostilities between the two alliances.

While casual observers speculated on the GalNet Communications Network as to the reasons behind the conflict, it became apparent that pilots within The Cyrene Initiative had provoked the hostilities; either through direct aggression on AM shipping or through other actions which the Aegis Militia had deemed a threat to their wellbeing.

Speaking in an interview last week, Bastables of the Aegis Militia confirmed the rumours by stating that the war was action taken as a result of "growing fears that [Cyrene] would side with terrorist factions such as the Ushra’Khan."

Bastables went on to add that the AM had discovered through "back door diplomacy" that The Cyrene Initiative was building relationships with Ushra’Khan and had been given several opportunities to denounce terrorism which had been met with "disassembling arguments about free will and freedom." This resulted in the Aegis Militia taking action to insure that the Gallente faction "would not support terrorism in strength."

When asked about their ties to the Ushra’Khan, Koopy of the Gallente Federal Gendarmerie – a former Cyrene corporation, stated that "Aegis Militia made false claims." Going on to remark that the Coreli Corporation, who had recently left Cyrene was the likely cause of this accusation as they had "been conducting operations into find a cure to vitoc drug before the formation of CYI."

Justicia Universi of Ixion Defence Systems reacted to this by stating that if "Coreli is the culprit, [Aegis Militia] should carry their war to them, innocents are losing their lives to their unjust and unsanctioned reclaiming efforts in Federation space."

Upon questioning the Coreli Corporation about its involvement in provoking the war and its departure from CYI just hours after the fighting began. Joshua Foiritain – CEO, explained that the AM declared war on CYI "because Coreli was working the Ushra’Khan to develop the Vitoc cure" and that "at one point Coreli forces intercepted an Amarrian convoy in low security space" which he believed ultimately led to the Aegis Militia focusing their attention on CYI.

Foiritain later went on to comment that Coreli had made plans to leave The Cyrene Initiative before the Aegis Militia announced its intentions, and that efforts had been made to "talk AM out of the war as [Coreli] would not be changing our plans and as such the war wouldn’t be against those involved in the Research project." He later averred that the AM "would not listen and declared war on CYI eight or so hours before [Coreli] was scheduled to leave it."

Since the conflict began all member corporations with the exception of Ixion Defence Systems have left The Cyrene Initiative, leaving the lone organisation to defend its faction against the Amarrian loyalists. Reacting to this, Bastables said "Aegis Militia conclave no longer considers CYI a growing threat to the Empire", owing Cyrene’s loss of members to the psychological effect of the war rather than attrition of ships. When asked if the Aegis Militia intended to continue the conflict in light of this, he remarked "When one has fired the town, there is no point wandering outside to find a surviving peasant and have them sign a bit of paper to prove they are defeated."

Commenting on his corporation’s departure, Koopy stated that the Gallente Federal Gendarmerie had left CYI due to an internal corporate theft and was currently discussing whether to return to Cyrene now that the "traitor has been taken care of." Joshua Foiritain was also quick to convey his best wishes toward Ixion "on rebuilding the initiative and hope that it comes out stronger then before."

Commenting on the conflict from Ixion’s perspective, Justicia Universi was defiant and resolute. “This war is only AM's downfall. Ixion Defence Systems have dug in, our morale was never higher and with each passing day our forces gain strength through conflict. They will lose in the end as ideology guides Ixion, not losses." She later remarked that "Cyrene lives through Ixion Defence Systems and the aggression Aegis Militia has brought upon Federation Forces seems to be creating a wave of patriotism we never thought possible.”

Aegis Militia and The Cyrene Initiative remain at war and at this time it remains unclear whether the AM will pursue the Coreli Corporation or continue to hunt the defiant CYI.