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Ammatar Navy defections reported

2008-06-10 - 작성자 Svarthol

Derelik - Following Ammatar Consulate Governor Ana Utulf's broadcast encouraging Ammatar citizens to defect, the invasion of their space by the Elder fleet and the liberation of the Starkmanir tribe from their midsts, reports have come in of Ammatar Navy ships engaged in combat with other Ammatar Navy vessels.

Reports are coming in that mutinies have broken out on some Ammatar Navy vessels, with an uncertain number being commandeered by Minmatar sympathizers. Reports say that the majority of these vessels have begun broadcasting under altered transponder signals as "Nefantar Tribe" ships.

Even among ships where the Ammatar Navy retained control, casualties are being reported by some crew. These casualties have hampered the Ammatar Navy's attempts at bringing a semblance of order to a region just recently plunged into chaos. Regardless, dozens of skirmishes have broken out between the two sides in the hours since the initial invasion. There have been unconfirmed reports of at least one Ammatar Navy capital ship defecting, with many other Navy ships unaccounted for.