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Anger Games 6 Tournament - More Details!

2024-03-19 - 작성자 EVE ONLINE TEAM

Competitive capsuleers, 

Last weekend, the ensuing stages of the Anger Games were made public! With the sign-ups closed for the next community tournament, the organizers tallied the team rosters and gave the teams a matchmaking ranking, and brackets were drawn. The tournament competitors will undergo a grueling series of group stages (and a small path to redemption arc) before the remaining teams clash in a small double-elimination tournament.
With a whopping 51 teams registered to participate and potentially a roster of 30 pilots per team, we will surely see a vast selection of tournament rookies and veterans battle it out for the top spots.

Date Reminders! 

The tournament will be broadcast live on the CCP Twitch channel. With over 100 matches to play out, there is also a secondary channel covering matches without commentary. The first match is set to start at 17:00 UTC on 13 April, continuing with the same start time on 14 April, and then for the next two weekends on 20, 21, 27, and 28 April!

Now that the team sign-ups are closed, the deadline for player applications to Thunderdome for this tournament will be Thursday 21 March, at 23:59 UTC. They have been open since the start of the year when the initial announcement was made. So, get that request in by Thursday if you still need to! The final requests for accounts will be processed and distributed on Friday, 22 March. Just a reminder for teams as well that full and final rosters must be submitted to the tournament organizers by 6 April, so we recommend you check that everyone on your team has an account! 

Next Up...Prizes! 

In the week following the event, CCP will contribute a selection of Triumphant Elite SKINs to the tournament organizer to be added to the Anger Games prize pool. The IGC stated when these SKINs were created that, they'd be "awarded both at the Alliance Tournament or other top-level spaceship combat events," which, given the extensive person-hours involved, certainly qualifies an event like the Anger Games! A reminder of these beautiful SKINs:

Advert Submissions 

The Anger Games organizers are still accepting ads for the broadcast. With a deadline of 9 April, the Tuesday before the first stream, your corporations and alliances are encouraged to use this opportunity to get a little advertisement out to viewers to help show off why people should join you in whatever you do in New Eden! You can check the advert submission details over here. Checkout the one A Band Apart submitted for Alliance Tournament XVII:

Keep an Eye Out! 

Lastly, in the final week before the first broadcast, look out for our reminder about the event. We'll have more Anger Games-related content to share with you all!