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Get Ready for the Anger Games 6

2024-01-08 - By EVE Online team

Competitive capsuleers, 

The PvP tournament scene looks to be better than ever in 2024 with the recently announced sixth iteration of the Anger Games. This community-run PvP tournament kicks off 13 April with sign-ups open now! 

The rules have been updated for this year, with teams starting out in a round-robin group stage, guaranteeing at least three matches per team, with the top 16 teams then entering a traditional double elimination section.  

You’ll find the full announcement from the organizers, with all the details, here


8 January 

  • Signups Open at 17:00 UTC via the Anger Games Discord server

  • The Thunderdome server opens for all participating players. If you do not already have an account, you can request one through this form.  

  • You’ll find all the details on how to use Thunderdome here

16 March 

  • Signups Close 16 March or when 64 teams have signed up.  

  • Core Team Submission 

17 March

  • Team Withdrawal PLEX Refunds Ends 

  • Tournament Team Seeding is Confirmed 

  • Tournament Match Brackets are Released 

6 April 

  • Final Roster Submission 

13 April 

  • The Tournament begins on Saturday 13 April. It will continue to run on 14, 20, 21, 27 and conclude on Sunday 28 April. 


Several changes to the Anger Games’ rules have been implemented this year. As mentioned previously, the tournament now starts with a round-robin stage, as opposed to feeder rounds, with 64 teams starting and the top 16 getting into double elimination.  

You’ll find the full rules here


As in the previous iterations of the Anger Games, there will be prizes awarded for each match won. More information on the prizes will be forthcoming. Join the Anger Games Discord to keep on top of any announcements or the latest information.  

The Anger Games 6 promises to be as exciting as ever, so don’t delay – sign up today! 

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