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Caldari Attacks Increase in Effectiveness

2008-08-25 - 작성자 Svarthol

Algogille, Essence - Federation Navy officials have admitted that recent Caldari attacks from Black Rise across the border into the Essence region have sharply increased in scope and precision. While the Caldari State has been quick to assert that the attacks are the work of independent capsuleers and do not constitute an active violation of Gallentean sovereignty, few put much stock in such claims.

Still, the timing of these attacks is somewhat suspect. Three days ago, the Heydieles system saw a coordinated assault on the 979th Operations Wing as it underwent rearmament. Though most of the details of the engagement are still classified, the Federation Navy did release an excerpt of commanding officer Commodore Rivard's official statement: "With our ships attached to tenders, we lost critical seconds while the transfer umbilicals were severed. By the time we were free to maneuver, we were already under fire." The close proximity explosion of a civilian transport carrying ammunition slated for Commodore Rivard's ships was similarly devastating.

A similar assault in Abune coincided exactly with the 227th Patrol Group's rotation out-of-system for resupply. As soon as the 227th had cleared system, a large force of mixed-class Caldari ships overwhelmed the remaining pickets, leading many to speculate that the timing was far from accidental. No ships transited outward to Oinasiken between the 227th's departure and the attack, which lends further credence to the claim that the Caldari were in possession of specific intelligence about that unit's planned movements.

This kind of compromise of operational security is deemed extremely severe by the Navy. Federation Navy Public Affairs liaison Captain Marcel Ouvert stressed that it is the responsibility of every citizen to protect any confidential information they may have regarding naval activities, and that this is especially important in the case of the families of naval personnel. "Even seemingly mundane conversations like chatting about planning a 'homecoming' party for serving family members on shore leave can give alert enemy agents information about the movement or disposition of our naval forces."

Ouvert continued, adding, "The bold servicemen and -women of our Federation Navy put their lives on the line every day to protect us, and it is our duty as citizens to afford them the same protection. Every compromise of operational security, no matter how insignificant, puts the lives of those men and women at risk."

The Federation Navy has stepped up its operations along the Black Rise border, and has instituted policies to more closely safeguard communications that may impact ongoing operations.