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Calls for Return of Coalition of Empires go unanswered

2010-07-14 - 작성자 Svarthol

As Sansha's Nation continues its renewed offensive against the citizens of New Eden, many have called for the four empires to band together, as in centuries past, and destroy the threat as one. These calls, however, appear to have so far fallen on deaf ears.

"Sansha's Nation was a threat over a century ago," said Professor Fontine Mereux of the University of Caille, a leading expert on the history of CONCORD. "But in the cluster's darkest hour, all of the empires banded together to smash them. Sansha's Nation is now resurgent. For too long they've been allowed to fester in Stain. It's time that the four empires band together once more to wipe it out."

Thousands of others have raised similar calls to arms, believing that the only way to counter the Nation's threat is through cooperation between the four empires, but years of mistrust and fighting between the empires has made that path appear unlikely.

"If it wasn't Sansha's Nation doing it, it'd be the Amarr," stated Jorel Yat, a high-ranking Vherokior tribesman. "I say the Republic should focus on stopping the Nation from attacking us and let the others worry about their own citizens. Make us a less appealing target and we'll be left alone."

Gugiere Ladux, a Gallente politician, said, "I heard the Caldari Navy managed to hack an invading force and turn the Nation's agents against each other. If they really wanted to help, why haven't they turned this technique over to the rest of the cluster? If we sent our Navy into Stain, what's to stop the Caldari from hacking the Sansha to kill us first?"

The effort has not been aided by CONCORD, who continue to insist publicly that the Nation is not a threat. "At the present time, CONCORD does not require additional empire-provided manpower to deal with pirate incursions," a short statement from the CONCORD Assembly read.