Capsuleer Day XIX celebrations live now | EVE Online

Capsuleer Day XIX celebrations live now

2022-05-03 - 작성자 EVE Online Team

Party-prepping Capsuleers!

EVE’s 19th birthday is upon us, and you can now celebrate Capsuleer Day XIX in New Eden with an exciting new challenge!

While CONCORD enforces order, a shadowy network of smugglers has begun to spread its influence across New Eden. Starting today until 24 May, Capsuleers are tasked with infiltrating the smugglers’ sites, but can expect twists and turns along the way.

New Combat & Hacking Sites

New combat and hacking sites are appearing all over New Eden, and CONCORD will reward Capsuleers who take the fight to the smugglers!

You can use scanner probes to discover the Smuggler Dead Drop hacking sites, and then confiscate their loot using your Data Analyzer modules.

The event combat sites are accessible to any combat ships of battlecruiser size or smaller. The best ships to use are Tech I combat battlecruisers, heavy assault cruisers, strategic cruisers, or command ships.

The hacking and combat sites both contain incredible loot, including smuggler lockboxes that can be traded for ISK, various SKINs, limited time combat boosters, cerebral accelerators. This event heraldsthe return of the coveted Glamourex standings boosters!

CONCORD is also rewarding Capsuleers that attack the smugglers with an agency reward track. Receive points for fighting and hacking, along with rewards such as combat boosters and new SKINs.

Revelry Rewards

Log in throughout the Capsuleer Day event to claim a collection of celebratory SKINs, boosters, Skill Points, and more.

There are eight new gorgeous Capsuleer Day XIX SKINs to unlock in total, which have been specially created for EVE’s 19th birthday. There are also up to 100,000 Skill Points for Alphas to claim, and up to 450,000 Skill Points for Omega. Remember, if you upgrade during the event, you can claim all the Omega gifts retroactively.

The login rewards also herald the return of the special free commemorative Society of Conscious Thought ships: the Apotheosis shuttle, Sunesis destroyer, Gnosis battlecruiser, and Praxis battleship.

Log in for 15 of the event’s 20 days to grab them all!

Party in the Proving Grounds

To spice up the celebrations, you’ll also be able to go toe to toe with your fellow party-goers in a pair of special Proving Grounds!

The first of these will take place over Fanfest itself from 6-9 May, and features 2v2 navy frigates. Fanfest attendees will be able to join in from the venue throughout the day on Saturday 7 May and if you’re unable to make this year’s epic fan gathering in person, you’ll still be able to enjoy a thrilling showdown from the comfort of your own home.

The second will be a Sunesis Free-For-All running from 20-23 May - the perfect send-off for New Eden’s 19th birthday!

Both events will feature special 19% bonuses to turret and missile damage, ship velocity, sensor strength, and signature radius There will also be extra buff and debuff objects spread around the play field giving additional 19% bonuses or penalties to any ship that collides with them.

Stay vigilant for more details of what’s in store for you in the Proving Grounds as we get closer to Fanfest itself.

Celebrate in Style!

To mark the occasion, you’ll also be able to pick up a selection of exciting new packs, containing Skill Points, boosters, and celebratory SKINs!

These packs will be available to purchase from 3 May in the EVE Store, so be sure to check them out and add them to your collection.

From 3-10 May, you’ll also be able to get up to 19% discounted on Omega, accelerating your journey through the stars!

Omega bundles and Elite XIX SKINs befitting this birthday party will be available on the New Eden Store in celebration of the event. There’ll also be a 19% discount on select SKINs until 10 May, so make sure to check them out before then!