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Capsuleer Offers Market Broadcast

2010-09-06 - 작성자 Svarthol

Mineral prices in New Eden fluctuate on a daily basis creating additional work for New Eden's entrepreneurs actively involved in the markets. The Eve Morning Reports was created by a capsuleer to ease that burden.

The Eve Morning Report, created and broadcast by Utemetsu, claims to be a very detailed, daily update on many mineral prices including recaps of previous prices for capsuleers to determine trends.

Utemetsu recalled that compiling the information for the broadcast used to take a great deal of time, and involved going through each mineral’s price history individually. The time taken to analyze the market data screens and to correlate the daily changes was very time consuming. With the newer direct link to the New Eden markets available, the information can now be compiled and delivered much faster.

When asked which type of capsuleer he believed would find the reports of most value, he mentioned that even though the reports are aimed at those from mostly trade and industry backgrounds, the reports can be of aid to every New Eden capsuleer: "In reality, all capsuleers could find this information useful. Even if they don't touch the market screen beyond 'sell item', it's still wise to have at least an idea of where price averages are."

Utemetsu also made it clear that his shows are not to be taken as "financial advice" but simply another tool available for capsuleers to use in the pursuit of ISK.

Utemetsu has expressed a keen desire to expand his reports into more diverse areas in the near future: "By the end of the year I hope to have a show, or a set of shows, providing information on all aspects of life in New Eden; not just economics. War updates, segments about missioning, fitting, manufacturing, and politics."

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