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Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

2011-05-24 - 작성자 Svarthol

Y113.04.01 - Y113.04.30.

The northern war between the Drone Region Forces (DRF) and the Northern Coalition (NC) has continued heating up, with almost all conquerable stations within the Geminate region falling to the attacking DRF. This escalation has seen fighting push on into the Vale of the Silent region, where further stations have changed hands. There is significant speculation that the NC has arranged an organised withdrawal into the key region of Tribute, the home of the Morsus Mihi alliance.

Vale saw the highest number of ship losses this month compared with any other region, with CONCORD having records of 14,393 vessels being destroyed in capsuleer vs capsuleer combat. Geminate saw a further 10,951 losses. The information held by CONCORD regarding the losses in these regions suggest that the attacking forces have been involved in destroying a considerably higher number of ships than the defenders, with major alliances belonging to the DRF scoring 13,169 final blows compared to the NC's 6,277.

Despite the increasing scope of this conflict, CONCORD only has records of three titans and seven supercarriers being lost in the area compared to 20 titans and 30 supercarriers last month. It would appear that the massive scale of supercapital losses in previous months has discouraged the coalitions from continuing to deploy them in potentially volatile situations.

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