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Carriers and Motherships and also Titans

2005-11-30 - 작성자 CCP TomB

The moment you have all been waiting for is not now, it won't quite be when Red Moon Rising launches, but it will be shortly there after. It's the moment you have finally managed to manufacture one of these ships and getting ready to take it out for a test flight.

Carriers are huge vessels with massive drone bay. The drone bay allows them to control a new brand of weapons called "Fighters". Like Dreadnoughts, Carriers have their own jump drive and require a scout gang mate to open a cynosural field for them to connect with. Due to their massive size, they cannot travel through stargates.

  • The Fighters
    Just big drones... no not just big drones. The Carrier can assign its Fighters to gang mates, when this has been done, the selected gang mater will gain basic control over the Fighters to destroy targets he selects. The Fighters also have a warp drive which enables them to follow assigned targets. Due to the extended range, they will be called: "Interplanetary Fighters", not Extra Large Drones. The Carrier can always call its fighters back or redeploy new fighters into distant battle grounds.
  • Support
    Carriers do not get any turret or launcher hard points for extra damage. However, they can use new Capital sized armor/energy/shield transfer modules and receive range bonuses to these modules as well.
  • Ship Maintenance
    Same as the ship maintenance in a starbase but it flies! Has room for storing ships and allows corporation members to eject a ship from the mothership hangar to fly in.
  • Corporation Hangar
    Same as the corporation hangar in a starbase but it flies! Enables corporation members to use the corporation hangar in space to fit their ships.

While the Carriers are huge, the Motherships are bigger. They can do everything that Carriers can do do it on an even larger scale, and then something more.

  • Clone Facilities
    Being "Mother"ships they will come with room for corporation member clone storage. With a clone installed, corporation members will be able to "clone jump" to the Mothership if it is prepared to accept clone jumps. In short: these mothers can give birth to players.

Bigger than life? These are the daddies of any fleet, inspiring its children with technical bonuses that even scare me a bit. They have the same abilities as Motherships; having a clone bay, corporation hangar and ship maintenance.

But there's more...

  • Jump Portal
    Instead of just activating their jump drive, Titans are able to open a bridge to distant solar systems allowing gang mates to jump through. Opening this wormhole comes at a cost based on every ship that goes through, on the mass of the ships that enter and distance of the jumps. So Frigates will be cheap to send through but Battleships will not be. It won't cost as much as not as dreads jumping on their own but it will be a number you won't forget once you've tried it out for the first time.

Still not done...

  • Doomsday Devices
    You may have heared rumors of some superweapons that only titans will be capable of using. Some of you have even fallen victim to such a device destroying your ship. These weapons are true and they should not be tested when there are large numbers of friends around, unless you are as cruel as I am. What these weapons do is BIG BAAAAAAAAAADAA BEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwn and hurt almost everyone that is in sight, so be careful with your mouse when flying with your friends. These weapons are expensive to use and can not be used frequently (massive reactivation delay, recharge time is 60 minutes). These devices can also be activated on cynosural fields that are created by gang mates, however the field being in the same solar system as the titan for it to work (doubt it will be fun to be the person that opens this field).

It's going to take a while until someone gets to be first to fly and mine in one of these ships. It will also cost you some hard earned or stolen ISK. If you have built a Dreadnought then you will understand that it's not easy to build a capital ship and these will only get harder.

What else makes it even more difficult is Motherships and Titans can not be build in stations. Anyone intressted in trying to build either of these ships will need to construct a starbase and install a new structure called: Capital Ship Yard.

The reason for the special manufacturing need of the Motherships and Titans is related to the fact that these ships can not dock at stations. They are doomed to fly in space for eternity or until they get blown up. After all they are stations in their own right and trying to squeeze something into itself could lead to something very obscure.

Ladies and Gents,

Edited 1 Dec at 1500 with an update to the Titan Super Weapon charge time.