CCP Streams : Worst Fit Ever Roam | EVE Online

CCP Streams : Worst Fit Ever Roam

2015-11-24 - 작성자 CCP Falcon

As part of the holiday season this year, the Community Team is looking at putting together a few simple streaming sessions to share some fun with the EVE Community.

Tonight, CCP Logibro will be heading out out on a special roam - the Worst Fit Ever Roam. 

The idea is that he will accept ships on contract from any station in EVE, and will then proceed to fly and lose said ship in a wonderful fireball. The catch is, so long as the ship has drones and ammo, he's flying it, regardless of fitting.

Check out this thread on the EVE-O forums to see how you can get involved, and be sure to tune in for the carnage at 20:00 UTC on our Twitch channel.