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Celebrate Pochven’s formation on Totality Day

2021-10-08 - 작성자 EVE Online Team

Kybernauts of the Ancient Domains,

On 13 October 2020, the Invasion campaign of the Triglavian Collective reached its zenith with the formation of the Domain of Pochven and the permanent anchoring of the Triglavians in New Eden, following the realization of Totality through the hard-earned attainment of Final Liminality in 27 star systems across New Eden.

This year, on the eve of the anniversary of the re-anchoring of Triglavian civilization in New Eden, we’re preparing to celebrate these world-changing events – made possible by the assistance rendered by Kybernauts across New Eden who aligned themselves with the Triglavian cause – with a small environment effect across Pochven from 8 to 19 October, bringing all pilots a 2.0 AU/sec warp speed increase in this already turbulent domain, as well as a collection of new landmark sites related to the Invasion arc and its outcome:

Perun Clade’s Liminal Proving Grounds, Veles Clade’s Automata Semiosis Sobornost, and Svarog Clade’s Skarkon Orbital Shipyards will be found throughout the Krais of the Clades across Pochven, and the EDENCOM Memorial to Triglavian Invasions, dedicated to all those lost during the tumultuous year and a half of conflict, will be established in Yulai.

The dedicated community that has coalesced around the Triglavian Collective, having assisted in the Invasions throughout Invasion Chapter 3, is organizing a slew of events during the week of October 9 to 16 – including PVP fleet roams, a furious free-for-all, a gathering to share war stories from the Invasion, and various parades, and more!

You can read all about the upcoming events in this post on the in-character section of the EVE forums.

During this time, we’ll also be launching a special one-day Proving Ground event on 9 October, pitting two three-man teams against each other in furious combat, commanding the deadly 9 Tactical Troika Classification cladeship of Svarog Clade’s Kikimora subclade in a heated contest!

As the Domain of Pochven enters its second year, the Porevitium Transmuters anchored at each sun maintain their operations; the mighty Xordazh World Arks roam the stars of the Clades, and the gargantuan Vyraj Anchorages thrum unceasingly with immense and unknowable purpose at the core of each Krai. Stabilization of the Ancient Domains continues – and while the fiercely independent Clades of the Triglavian Collective may dissent on many matters, they maintain a necessary cooperation for the greater good of their people, and continue their efforts to guide the peoples of New Eden toward their ideal alignment in the Flow of Vyraj.

And as the Triglav mingle with those who remain inhabiting the worlds of Pochven, rumors of nonaggressive contact with the Empires mount, and the stoic forces of the Vigilant Tyrannos continue their ruthless trespass into the domain of those who call them “Ancient Enemy”. Only time will tell what the future may hold for both the Triglavian Collective and the nations of the cluster they have returned to; but no matter what may come to pass, the attainment of Totality, the struggles on both sides of the preceding conflict, and the formation of Pochven – made possible by every Kybernaut who heeded the Convocation's call through Zorya Triglav – will never be forgotten.

Have a happy Totality Day, and see you in space!