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Ceremonial mourning turns to bloodbath as Navy forces intervene

2005-01-03 - 작성자 Svarthol

What was supposed to have been a peaceful event, where Caldari from all walks of life could remember the passing of Caldari Prime into Gallentean hands, turned into a bloodbath. After Jera, the CEO of the celebrated soft drinks manufacturer Drink Starsi™, host and main speaker of the event, arrived and welcomed the participants, Gallente Navy vessels warped to the scene and opened fire on Jera’s Industrial class vessel.

While Yuki Li of Omerta Syndicate warned the Navy in local channels that further aggression would not be tolerated, others were already firing at the Gallentean ships, causing more and more navy ships to enter what was quickly becoming a battlefield. After it became clear that the Gallentean Navy was not going to back down, the Omerta Syndicate joined the fray.

After a mere thirty minutes of fighting, the Gallente Navy broke off the engagement. The battle ended in a shameful defeat of the Navy forces. Although there were some ships lost on the Caldari side, the casualties with the Gallentean Navy were far greater. It is rumoured that several Dominix battleships, together with a multitude of Vexor cruisers were destroyed. These reports are not yet confirmed by Gallentean officials.

However, it can not be said that the attack by the Navy was entirely unprovoked. Jera’s standing towards the Gallente Federation is negative to a point where she is considered a persona non grata within Gallente borders. Drink Starsi™’s long-standing feud with the Quafe Company and rumoured strikes on Quafe transports are undoubtedly the cause of the Federation’s intense dislike of her person.

Although Jera is unavailable for comment at this time, we will try to contact her and get her side of the story. When or if we receive information from the Gallente Federation on the shameful defeat of their forces at Caldari Prime, we will report on it immediately.