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Changes To PLEX Packages Coming With May Release

2017-04-28 - 작성자 CCP Falcon

With the May release, we’ll be making a few changes to PLEX to give capsuleers more control over PLEX and ISK during gameplay.

By breaking PLEX into smaller units, pilots will be able to trade smaller, or more variable amounts of PLEX to take full advantage of the market in New Eden. In addition to this, all pilots will now have direct access to the New Eden Store without having to jump through currency conversion hoops should they want to use PLEX to purchase SKINs and apparel. Full details of the changes to PLEX are available in the following Dev Blogs.

PLEX Changes On The Way

PLEX Rework – Follow Up

When these changes arrive on May 9th with the 119.5 release, we will also be changing the pricing structure of PLEX, so that they work like aurum used to: The more you buy, the bigger the bonus you get.

For some packs, this will mean a small increase in the price per PLEX, but the majority of PLEX packs have been converted to offer bigger bonuses.

At the same time, we are aware that the entry point price for PLEX is high with the existing system, so with the new PLEX system launching on May 9th, a couple of smaller packs will be introduced so that pilots who would like to spend a little less can access the benefits of PLEX for less.

The image below shows how the new PLEX pricing system will look after the deployment of 119.5 on May 9th.

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