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Clear Vision Update

2020-06-04 - 작성자 CCP Dopamine

Perceptive Capsuleers,

The Clear Vision update to EVE Online is now live, featuring big graphical improvements to a number of key elements across New Eden! These changes are part of the ongoing mission to continue pushing the boundaries of immersion and the stunning visuals of EVE.

Jita IV Station - The Next Phase

Eagle-eyed Capsuleers may have noticed gradual changes, improvements and additions to the main Jita IV station over the last few months as work began on its major redesign, celebrating the largest trade hub in New Eden. The Clear Vision update brings further steps in the redesign of nearby structures, with the completion of the Jita IV Communication/Science station and significant progress on the Mining Center.

So, next time you travel to Jita in order to carry out your trading activities, be sure to check out the continuing improvements!

Jump Tunnel Animation

Note: The new jump animation has been temporarily reverted. We will do more work on the feature to address concerns about the jump cloak timer starting before the animation has completed.

A further visual improvement that comes as part of the Clear Vision update is a new graphical effect for travel between certain types of location in New Eden. This new animation for jump tunnels applies to K-Space jumps through stargates, Abyssal Deadspace jumps, Cyno jumps, and Black Ops Cyno jumps.

It is worth noting that you will now see your ship moving through these tunnels, with an extremely smooth camera entry mechanic. The color of the tunnels will also vary depending on the security and type of destination.

Contrast Adaptive Sharpening

In addition, the Clear Vision update also introduces further visual enhancements to EVE Online with Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS) from AMD, a process that considers the contrast of the pixels during the sharpening process. CAS will accurately sharpen visuals all across New Eden, including areas that have large contrast differences where normal sharpeners often struggle, bringing even further clarity and immersion to moon surfaces, ship hulls and more. Furthermore, CAS will be platform agnostic.

This feature will only be enabled when the ‘Post Processing’ setting within EVE is set to ‘High’ for the moment, but this will have almost zero impact on performance. You can check out the full details of this feature in the CAS dev blog.

There will also be details coming up very soon about an exciting EVE Online screenshot competition with awesome prizes including AMD hardware, PLEX and EVE merchandise, so keep an eye on all EVE social and news channels for that info!

These visual improvements continue to push the boundaries of how computer games can look, and represent investment in the future of the EVE in order to set it up for a thriving third decade!

If you would like to discuss this dev blog, please head over to the official thread on EVE Online forums.