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Coming Soon: EVE is Real

2011-07-07 - 작성자 CCP Hekatonkheires

EVEis Real because of you.

We're about to launch an advertising campaign using a creative and different approach to the way we've done it in the past. At first glance that may not seem super exciting to an existing EVE Online player, but what sits at its center has a lot of potential to be. We're making a micro-site into a hub of creative pieces (videos, screenshots, corporate recruiting posters, stories, etc.) in order to form a virtual museum of player created EVE history. We believe that bringing someone unaware of EVE through that experience, and having them encounter this history, will enable them to get a better feel for this unique game we all play.

What do I do?

It's pretty simple. Early next week a new site is going live; details coming soon. We'd love it if you visit. If you've got something to contribute, even better! It can be a still image (RL, Ingame, 'shopped etc), a tweet, your favorite EVE video or just the most obscure EVE antique you can find. Or, make your own image, video, or tweet about "EVE is Real." Then maybe find something you've never seen before on the site and share it once or twice with your social network. That will both fill the site with player testaments and help  get the word out about what makes EVE so unique and "EVEy."

Want to post some old corp recruitment ads? Do it. Favorite EVE video that made no sense at the time? Post it.Haiku tweets about fleetfights? YES!

There are 5 main categories of content: War, Exploration, Corp Recruiting, EVE is Real and Freestyle. We included freestyle so you don't have to force a square peg. Just add what makes your EVE experience and gets you to play this internet spaceship game.

Why should I help evil marketing folks?

Apart from the general internet fame you'll be rolling in, we are also  offering incentives to entice you into sharing your favorite moments. A large chunk of EVE is about cost benefit afterall. We'll have community sharing goals that, when met, will unlock some Aurum for every single active player account. If you share even more, we'll unlock more. It's fairly simple. Click a few times, show us your cool shit and we'll show you the money.

We'll also have two side voting contests on best still image and best video. There will be some freegraphics cards and a high end PC as prizes for those. If you live in Australia, you're not likely to be able to participate - your laws are real damn hard. We promise to do a contest just for Australia at some point though, because their laws are just that damn hard.

So CCP is trying this unique new thing and asking for your help. We'll have more information forthcoming, but we wanted to let you know what we've been working on that's different from the banner adverts you may have seen in the past.

Bring your best stories and moments. Help build what should be a really amazing repository of EVE culture, and get some free stuff.

EVE is Real...