Community Beat for 14 April | EVE Online

Community Beat for 14 April

2023-04-14 - 작성자 EVE Online Community Team

Welcome back, capsuleers. It is time for the Community Beat. 

Hopefully you had a wonderful time over the past week. Its almost the weekend and with it comes new and exciting things happening in the community. In the last Community Beat we shared some amazing watercolor paintings and found out what Youtube Shorts are all about.

Lastly we said our goodbyes to our friends, NeedsToBeReal and HateLesS. To commemorate their contributions we have added NeedsToBeReal's signature Imperial Navy Slicer and a handful of HateLesS's favorite ships into the in-game Community Fittings. These fits can be found by searching for their names in the fitting tool.

Wormhole Townhall 

Not that many moons ago a townhall meeting was held for the J-Space inhabitants, hosted by Mark Resurrectus, joined by CSM members Kazanir of Goonswarm Federation and Jinx De’Caire of Brave Collective. The CSM members answered questions on the state of the game and their thoughts on the future of EVE Online.

Writing Contest

Lunarisse Aspenstar is hosting the tenth annual writing contest for stories or poems which feature capsuleers in their worlds and cultures. With multiple different categories to take part in it will be interesting to read your submissions. The deadline to submit is 31 May so don’t hold on for too long to start on your creation and you could win ISK prizes! 

Alliance Logos

Since the addition of Ship Emblems, the community has really stepped up their logo game. We have seen some amazing new additions over the past few months. A small market has been carved out for talented EVE players who do graphic design to make these logos. Reminder: You are allowed to sell these graphical services for ISK.  

Here are a few great examples that have been added in the past couple of months. 

turbo chadsN E R V.Radicalized ApesUnited FleetAideron Robotics.The Vanguard Syndicate


The third edition of EVE New Orleans is taking place 21-23 April. This event is now being held for the first time over the span of a few days rather than a single night event. If you are in the area and want to meet your fellow spacenerds then now is your chance. For additional information please see the ticket sales found here, you can also reach out to the organizer over at the EVE Online Discord.

Partner Highlight

Chaos1298 is a Twitch streamer that started playing EVE Online back in 2020 and has been streaming the game regularly since the end of 2021. He does a variety of activities in EVE Online, most notably he teaches other players how to run Stellar sites and does open fleets in Pochven to help players get standings for Triglavian and Edencom. He also takes events extremely seriously so if you need tips on how to take part in those, his channel is an excellent resource to check out.

P.S. He really wants to go to his first Fanfest this year so if you check him out and enjoy his content, consider helping him out on his journey!

Have a wonderful weekend and if you have time, catch us later today in the afternoon over on CCPTV for our weekly Live2Feed roam with the Community Team.