Community Beat for 17 February | EVE Online

Community Beat for 17 February

2023-02-17 - 작성자 EVE Online Community Team

Hello spacefriends, it’s time for another Community Beat! PLEX for GOOD is currently underway and we really want to put a spotlight on that for this edition. Read on!


Last week CCP kicked off a new PLEX for GOOD campaign to help raise funds for those affected by the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria. You can read the announcement blog here. The campaign runs until 23:59:59 UTC on Tuesday, 21 February 2023.

Once again EVE Online’s fantastic community has swung into action and spun up their own fundraising efforts to collect even more PLEX. Here are some upcoming PLEX for GOOD events organised by players which you can get involved in!

Alliance Tournament Prize Ship Auction

This one's a doozy - ATXVIII runners-up Odin's Call are auctioning one each of this year's AT prize ships - the Geri and the Bestla. These are very rare ships and are so new they're not even in the game yet! CCP will be distributing them to winners soon!

For a chance to own one of these exotic ships go check out the auction threads for the Geri and the Bestla.

PLEX for GOOD Empire Brawl

Dark Shines from The Initiative is organising another big community event to bring players together and raise some PLEX.

He writes: “I would like to cordially invite you all to an Empire themed all out brawl in Otela - Pochven - on Saturday the 18th of February at 16:00 Eve time.

If you are an Alliance, pick one of the 4 major Empires and bring the most rag-tag fleet composed of only ships from that Empire. If you are an individual, keep an eye out for public fleets or just show up on the day and start blasting.”

More information in this Reddit thread.

Rampage Inc PLEX for GOOD livestream

The team at Rampage Inc (Merkelchen, Innominate and Brisc Rubal) are dedicating their next stream to raising some funds by running giveaways in Twitch chat for people who donate PLEX. Prizes will consist of “very nice (and expensive) SKINs” and we’re willing to bet these guys have plenty of shiny ones in their hangars.

Tune into the Rampage Inc Twitch channel at 01:30 UTC on Saturday, 18 Feb!

EVE University 1v1 Cruiser Tournament

Berkhe Boynukara and Yuri Levnik from EVE University are organising a 1v1 cruiser tournament. Entering the tournament costs 100 PLEX per competitor with a PLEX prize for the winner and the rest to be donated to PLEX for GOOD.

The tournament will start at 23:00 UTC on Monday, 20 February in Perimeter right next door to Jita. For more information and to sign up join their Discord server!

CCP Convict’s Scorpion Ishukone Watch SKIN Auction

It’s not just the players that are digging deep - CCP Convict has kicked off an auction for the rarest and most treasured item he’s obtained in EVE since starting in 2004 - a Scorpion Ishukone Watch SKIN. This is a storied (some might say "infamous") item and if you want to bid for a chance to own it check out the auction forum thread. At time of publishing it’s up to an eye-watering 55 billion ISK!

New Videos

Some cool videos have caught our eye over the last few weeks, starting with this PvP video from Bombers Bar and Odin’s Call recorded while staging out of wormhole space:

Next up Oz has kicked off a new edition of his Alpha to Omega station trading series. We talk about Oz a lot on these pages and it’s because he freely shares his expertise for all players to take advantage of. If you're looking for new ways to make income in New Eden then the markets might be the thing for you:

Art corner

Once again capsuleers have impressed us with their excellent artistic skills. First up is this awesome Orca Lego design (with mining barge buddies!) posted on the EVE subreddit by Winzentowitsch Madeveda:

That's all for this Community Beat! See you in two weeks!