Community Beat for 27 October | EVE Online

Community Beat for 27 October


Greetings everyone and welcome back to another edition of the Community Beat!

Over the last couple of weeks, we've heard an absolute plethora of stories and seen various guides and videos pop up from so many of you!
Many within the community have been finding various ways to prepare to fulfill their dreams of siding with some of the pirates next month. Not to mention, also discovered lots of EVE trivia this last week from the GMs as you've been hunting for their orbital stashes and answering their riddles. Let's get into both of those a little more:

Yarr me hearties!

After potentially years of blasting New Eden pirates it won't be uncommon to have rather negative standings towards them. But fortunately whilst the pirate lifestyle is known to be relatively ruthless, it isn't completely non-forgiving. The occasional dueling and fighting over potential booty is commonplace, so perfection is not expected. The Angels and Guristas understand this too - to Enlist and join up, you need to get your standing to -2.00, and completing the Epic Arcs for these factions is a really good way to get that standing back to a level where you can join them.
Over on YouTube Wadd Enderas posted a full run-through of the Angel Epic Arc, The Angel Sound - they completed it in a Crow, with the fit also linked in the video description to help mirror their success.

For the Guristas - you can also check the EVE University Wiki page for details on their Epic Arc, along with a few external links at the bottom of the page if you prefer reading and following steps instead!

We started Blastin'

The event formally known as Whack-a-bot, (which was renamed Whack-a-GM this time as the event is being sunsetted), saw many of you head on over to Yulai. Confiscated assets were bought in by current and former GMs for some glorious explosions. Thank you to everyone who participated - We had a couple of pictures shared with us as well which we thought we should share with all of you as well!

Left: from and right: from Vohlos

Left: from Schnarph and right: from u/S4711

A rare find!

Speaking of finding rare caches - at Fanfest we had a history of EVE online wall on display and players in attendance were encouraged to write any notes onto the history wall. The most common of which, was when a player started and their name - but we also had a display cabinet on the end for some of the historical items created from the last 20 years.
We noticed Stuart Taylor over on Twitter/X last week picked up a copy of the original CD ROM for EVE Online - but not only that, it also had the original purchase receipt from May 2003 inside as well! It's always fun to see moments like this as you know it was the beginning of someone's story and journey into the Universe!

Upcoming meets:

We usually like to include any upcoming events that we're aware of if we haven't given them any coverage yet - 2 more upcoming events:

Portland, Oregon (USA) - Saturday, October 28, 5 pm (local time)

This one coming up incredibly soon - tomorrow! Over at the McMenamins Broadway pub. They've set up a Reddit post along with an invitation to their Discord over here.

EVE Glasgow (Scotland) - Saturday, November 11, 2 pm (local time)

One of the oldest running EVE meets returns to Coopers Bar, Great Western Road, Glasgow in a couple of weeks. Organized by the legendary Glasgow Dunlop - you can find more details about it over here.

Ohide Stellar Transmuter

Lastly, we finish off with not one, but two videos!
One from Eaglefirefly and zaqq, both EVE Partners, the pair of them recently visited the Stellar Transmuter over in Ohide! Each video has some incredibly cinematic shots of the Transmuters and their surroundings and honestly, just has a nice zen feeling to them, despite, you know, shooting a beam at a sun.. nothing could go wrong with doing that, right?

That's it for this edition of the Community Beat.

Until next time, Yarr like your pirated it!