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Concerning Bugreports

2006-06-13 - 작성자 Mephysto

Bug Reports. Ah yes, lovely, lovely bugreports. Having been a bughunter for over a year prior to joining CCP, I have extensive experience with all the bugreports sent in. Periodically I see forum threads asking why there is no responses regarding the status of a bugreport, whether anyone actually reads them, and why there is no way to submit them ingame. So...

Are bugreports are actually read? I've seen numerous conspiracy theories about us having a bot to auto trash them, or similar. Dont worry, tinfoil hats are not required, as every single bugreport is looked at by a human pair of eyes. In this respect QA is eternally grateful to the members of the volunteer BugHunter team for their aid in going through the lists.

Some figures about bugreports: around 75% of the bugreports received are of insufficient quality to be any use or are regarding an issue we have already fixed on our internal servers. As such they are deleted. Of the other 25%, probably around 15-20% are about existing issues, but provide more information about it, and the last 5-10% are actually new bugs.

We have been considering implementing a system for sending a response for some time now. However, any system would have to be automated, and as a consequence you would not know the reasoning behind the action taken on your bugreport. When such a system would be implemented can only be stated as Soon™. Feel free to share your thoughts on this in the comments thread.

I'm told by some of the old members of CCP that they tried an in-game submission system once, back during beta. After receiving enough stuck petitions, bugreports with a title of "theres a bug" and the like to build a pillar from here to the moon, it was decided it was better to have it out of game. Oh, and we still get at least 5 petitions a week through the bug system, and theres not much we can do with them.

Given that the work in QA is largely repetitive, I am running out of things too talk about that I think you will find interesting. So, I inaugurate the comments thread for this blog as a poll. What do you want me to talk about in my next blog? Try not to ask for anything too silly.