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CONCORD Task Force Sighted Leaving Empire Borders

2004-01-21 - 작성자 Svarthol

AEDITIDE – An armada of CONCORD police ships, comprised of at least 6 battleships with 8 cruiser escorts, was sighted approaching the Egbinger gate in the Aeditide system and then jumping into unregulated space. The circumstances surrounding this highly unusual, unannounced expedition beyond Empire borders are unknown, as CONCORD representatives have refused to comment on the development. There are strong indications that the maneuver was not planned or authorized by CONCORD Fleet Command, as sources close to DED reveal a sudden flurry of activity among high-ranking personnel and at least one fleet reassignment to the Molden Heath region.

“Two words: Rogue commander”, said Vinntekken Napas, Commander of Internal Security with the Caldari Navy. “There is no other plausible explanation for it. They are not supposed to be out there, it violates their prime directive.” The DED is primarily responsible for maintaining law and order within Empire space, especially in high-security systems. A sudden redeployment of military assets to deep space implies a radical shift in law enforcement policy, which would normally be preceded by an official announcement. “There would have to be some very compelling reasons for a DED skipper to do this without explicit permission from Fleet Command, ranging from pure insanity to the spacefaring equivalent of mutiny.”

“Whoever it is certainly has an agenda,” said Tsutara Yorsen of Home Guard. “This wasn’t just one ship, it was an entire task force—the kind of muscle CONCORD likes to flex when they’ve made up their mind to really go after somebody. Each of the components of that fleet seems to be on the same page, united in purpose and completely defiant of what I can only assume to be very, very explicit orders from the DED brass to return home.”

The DED has very long-standing, established military laws regarding the conduct of its officers. Legal analysts cite charges that could be leveled against the commander of the rogue fleet include treason, conspiracy to commit treason, unlawful use of government property, and disobeying a direct order from a superior officer. Any one of these charges brings with them a general court martial and carries a maximum penalty of death, plus confiscation of any existing clones.