Depths of the Abyss Update | EVE Online

Depths of the Abyss Update

2020-09-08 - 작성자 CCP Dopamine

Fearless Capsuleers,

The Depths of the Abyss update coming in September will introduce new tiers to Abyssal Deadspace, allowing players who are unfamiliar with the Abyss a chance to experience it at a more accessible level, while also offering more experienced Capsuleers even greater challenges and rewards!

The introduction of Tier 0 sites to Abyssal Deadspace will offer less experienced, curious Capsuleers an opportunity to dip their toe into Abyssal Deadspace with less danger. This will allow them to become familiar with the kind of ships and environments they can expect to encounter at higher tiers.

For those who are looking for a greater challenge, new Tier 6 Abyssal Deadspace pockets are also coming as part of the Depths of the Abyss update! Offering even better rewards, these new sites will give even seasoned Abyss runners something new to master.

Other elements of the Depths of the Abyss update will include being able to enter all Abyssal Deadspace tiers in a team of two Destroyers, the introduction of velocity increasing clouds and Capital module mutaplasmids.

In addition, there will be new groups of NPCs for Capsuleers to face at all tiers of Abyssal Deadspace. Expect some different Triglavian foes, and even pirate faction adversaries that have not been seen in the Abyss before!

You can try out these new updates yourself by heading over to the Singularity test server and then discuss them with your fellow Capsuleers on the EVE Online forums. Stay tuned for more info coming soon about the Depths of the Abyss update.