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EON magazine: Advertising

2005-11-18 - 작성자 Zapatero

I would like to mention our revised plans for corp and alliance advertising within the magazine: You may remember that prior to Issue #001 we offered ‘free’ ads and planned to charge real cash money for ads in all subsequent issues? Well, we’ve decided to change that slightly by charging _in-game ISK for all advertising from here on in.

If you, your website, your corp, or alliance, would like to advertise your services, find recruits or just boast of your achievements, here’s what you must do:

EDIT Ad slots for Issue #002 of EON are now fully booked. Any further equiries will be added to the back-up list.

  • EVE-mail me in-game that you wish to enquire about advertising in the next issue of E-ON. I will then EVE-mail you back telling you if we have ad pages available, or if they are all booked.

  • If no pages are available, your name will be placed on a ‘back-up’ list. If a page is available and you wish to book it, you must transfer 100m ISK to ‘Zapatero’. This is your deposit and once it is received the ad space is reserved in your name.

  • Responsibility for creating and designing the ad rests with you.

  • We will require near-final drafts of your ad by 2nd December 2005, with completed ads ready for print by 9th December 2005. The ad must be A4 size, 300dpi, CMYK with crop marks and bleed, and must be submitted as a hi-res print-ready PDF. The address to send the draft/final ads to is ads@mmmpublishing. If you have any techie/design questions regarding your ad, please use the same address.

  • If you have reserved an ad space and do not submit a draft before the first deadline, your deposit will be lost and the first name on the back-up list will be contacted. ‘Back-up’ ads will need to be submitted within 24 hours. (If you’re high on the list, you should prepare one early, just in case.)

  • Submitted ads will be judged by our designer to make sure they are suitable. If they are not, or cannot feasibly be improved, your deposit will be returned and the first name on the reserve list will be contacted. You’re welcome to send us an early draft so we can go through it with you.

  • If your advert is accepted, you will be required to pay another 100m ISK to secure the ad.

  • If your ad has been published in a previous issue and you’re intending to advertise again, we’d rather not have to print the exact same ad. Although you don’t have to start totally from scratch, we’d much prefer something new.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself what we’re going to do with the millions of ISK that will be filling E-ON’s coffers (200m per ad page). The answer is simple; the ISK will be used to pay the writers of the magazine. We plan to pay our contributors by the page, probably around 40-50m per page. It’s not a great deal for their time and effort, but it’s something, and it adds another viable career to the game, that of a freelance writer.

Note: E-ON corporation [E-ON] is an entirely independent organization from the likes of ISD, however it’s status as an ‘official’ news agency (of sorts) means we must be open with our accounts, so after each issue we will publish all the details of ad revenues and how they have been distributed (probably in the Corp & Alliance Summit). Any leftover revenue will be added to a pot of prize money that will be given away as part of some competition, sometime in the future.

Regarding other contributions; readers are invited to send in images for ‘Postcards From The Edge’ (as detailed in this old thread) and ‘Cloned At Birth’ (similarly discussed in this previous Dev Blog).

I look forward to seeing some more great ads. I think E-ON is the first magazine I’ve heard people raving about the adverts. Long may it continue.

Regarding Issue #002 itself, I’m not going to reveal anything here. The magazine will be available for pre-order next week when we shall also announce changes to shipping and a possible increase in the size of the magazine.

Shameless plug: There are still a few copies of Issue #001, but stock is running out fast. I'm told that we're down to our last few boxes._