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Ethereal Dawn Loses Titan to a The Initiative Sub-Capital Fleet

2009-06-24 - 작성자 Svarthol

F9-FUV- Early this month, in what Ethereal Dawn [ED] titan pilot Killercorp of Bestpath Inc.[BPINC] describes as a "masterful piece of tactical work", a roaming The Initiative. [INIT.], gang successfully ambushed and destroyed his Erebus-class titan.

The [INIT.] gang which numbered approximately sixty ships, sent a scouting force including a Helios-class covert operations frigate, into the F9-FUV system wherein two titans, an Erebus-class and Avatar-class were deployed and waiting to engage the bulk of their fleet. The [INIT.] scouting party, after moving around the system appeared to be waiting for the rest of their fleet to arrive. When [ED] scouts reported that the majority of the fleet were warping to the gate that the titans were safe guarding, Killercorp tells us that he and another titan pilot, Ralian Gelain [BPINC] , "warped 200km above the gate" and as the fleet jumped into F9-FUV "activated their [doomsday device]."

Unfortunately for the titan pilots, the [INIT.] fleet withdrew back through the gate, with little or no damage, with the exception of a Devoter-class heavy interdictor, which as Killercorp describes "cleared the bubbles on the gate [and] immediately warped to my position" tackling his titan. According to Thin Sam of Madhatter's Inc. [MADH], [INIT.], whose Megathron-class battleship fired the final salvo that brought the titan down, the [INIT.] gang came back through the gate "destroyed the fixed bubbles on the gate and warped out to a planet, then back into the tackling Devoter," adding "we kept the titan well bubbled and only a dozen or so mixed support tried to save the titan, with two carriers (ED claims three) on the field at one point."

Thin Sam notes that the entire engagement lasted approximately ten minutes. Also of note, is that the [INIT.] gang was comprised entirely of sub-capital ships which makes the kill all the more rare. He adds that "It was a nail biting few minutes until we knew our heavy interdictors could sustain the tackle on the titan, and no reinforcements were coming," saying finally that "it was just great to land the final blow, and to see the titan die at that close range."

Killercorp credits the heretofore unmentioned covert ops pilot, Oundaki, member of Dawn of a New Empire [DOANE],[INIT.], with the kill saying "The covert ops frigate I mentioned earlier was vital to them getting my warp-in spot above the gate, just as I was tackled by the Devoter, at the point the [doomsday devices] went off, I saw a wreck appear beside me, which at first thought was the Devoter, but on closer inspection was the wreck of a Gallente elite frigate" further adding "Oundaki deserves full credit for the kill, for a masterful piece of tactical work, showing something as small and unarmed as a Helios can cause the death of a titan."

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