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Eve Corporation League

2007-01-09 - 작성자 CCP CAPSLOCK

Eve Corporation League

This is an introduction to what I hope will become known as the ECL, or Eve Corporation League. Below I will be explaining the concepts behind it and telling you how you can affect its development.

What is it?
We want to create a playing ground for smaller entities. The alliance tournament is where larger alliance get to display their might in a contest where ISK and expensive equipment is a huge factor. If we eliminate this factor and ‘go back to the basics’, I think we can create something where newer and less experienced players may have a shot at the title.

When is it?
April 1st is currently marked as the starting date for the first season of ECL. The season is scheduled for three months and will end with the finals shown on EveTV in conjunction with the alliance tournament. Sign-ups will begin in early March.

Can I Join?
Everybody will have a chance to sign-up when the time comes. Corporations will submit their rosters of 5-10 people and around 3-4 will be competing in each match. The points system from the alliance tournament will be applied here (in a slightly modified manner).

How Can I Help?
We want to assemble a group of 15 players who will each have a vote on the tournament format and rule specifics. If you want a chance at being selected, please send an e-mail to ecl@ccpgames.com stating why you should be selected. Remember, there can be only one person from each corp/alliance.

Players with new ideas and insight, this is your chace. If you feel you have something to bring to the table, don’t hesitate to send a mail.