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EVE crashes on startup and viruses

2003-07-15 - 작성자 CCP Hellmar

We have been diagnosing some support incidents were EVE crashes on startup and must be reinstalled to work again.

All the cases we have seen so far involve a virus, often Parite. Even though that particular virus usually doesn't manifest its presence in any way, it doesn't cope with EVE and crashes when an infected EVE is run. Cleaning out the virus has fixed all cases brought to our attention.

We were able to identify this from .dmp files players with these problems had sent us. The callstack contained the C:\DOCUME1\default\LOCALS1\Temp\pfkE8.tmp, which matches this particular virus.

It maybe that other viruses causing this, so I would like to take this opportunity to plug another Icelandic product F-Prot, they offer 30 day trial.

Installing F-Prot or any other reputable antivirus software should rid you of this problem. If you are experiencing this after a virus cleanup, please send the .dmp to [technical@ccp.cc](mailto:technical@ccp.cc?Subject=Startup CTD after virus cleanup) with "Startup CTD after virus cleanup" as the subject.