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EVE Online Partnership Program Updates

2021-03-12 - 작성자 CCP Fleebix

Partner-curious Capsuleers,

Last November, we had the pleasure of introducing a new EVE Online Partnership Program to support our fantastic community of video content creators, bloggers, podcasters, and third-party developers.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are happy to say that we have already partnered with over 90 talents of different crafts from the EVE Online community who keep delivering engaging and entertaining content to the players!

You can find a list of current EVE Online Partners below.

The interest in the program has been beyond our wildest dreams, and we continue to work at digging through the mountain of applications that came through to our inbox. If you applied, then we should be getting back to you in a couple of weeks. Thanks for bearing with us!

So far, we distributed thousands of SKINs to our partners, along with PLEX and countless Omega minutes. We have also helped partners coordinate interviews with EVE Online developers and have more plans to continue updating and iterating on the program.

New Partnership Program Perk

We are excited to share that CCP recently started cooperating with the Admitad Affiliate Network. This affiliate program offers EVE Online community members a chance to earn a commission from purchases made in the first 30 days by new EVE Online players. Everyone interested can visit Admitad Affiliate Network website for more details on how to get started. The program offers 30% commission of any purchases made by new players in the first 30 days, but members of the EVE Online Partnership Program earn will have the rate increased by an extra 10%. Note - if we detect any form of abuse to the affiliate program, such as self-referrals or mass new account creation by existing players, then we reserve the unconditional right to withhold or refuse affiliate earnings for any reason solely at our discretion without providing further details. We are always on the lookout for ways to reward community members who actively work on bringing new Capsuleers to EVE Online, but we will act swiftly whenever a system is misused.

Striving for Excellence

We have learned a lot over the last several months and are making a few adjustments to our program guidelines to ensure they are in-line with the core values that are important to us. We are also expanding our FAQ to cover some of the questions we have received from you. Please visit the main EVE Online Partnership Program page, and do not forget that a lot of useful information can be found in the official EVE Online Content Creation Terms of Use.


3rd Party Applications:

Mutaplasmid.spaceEVE Online fan website dedicated to helping you find, buy, and sell abyssal modules.
Little UFOLittleUFO is a centralized service for personal, corporation and alliance use, with a powerful fleet tracker, stats/taxation, SRP, calendars, market superpowers, wiki, and Discord/TeamSpeak management and notification capabilities.
Adam4EveMarket, industrial and general statistical tools.
Veetor's Abyss Loot TrackerAbyss Loot Tracker.
EVE GatecheckIs your route through New Eden gate camped? Find out with the Gatecamp Checker.
EVE RefEasy access to the information present in the game, such as ships, item stats, industry, reprocessing, systems, agents, etc.
zKillboardA website that collects killmails and provides some statistics.
Battle Report ToolAggregates and presents battle reports from EVE Online.
JaniceAppraisal service that computes prices using Jita 4-4 market orders including all ranged buy orders.
EVE ESI Java Client for the EVE Swagger Interface (ESI).
EVE MogulMarket trade analytics and tools for market traders.
EvanovaEvanova is an Android application for managing your Eve Online characters, corporations, fittings or other Eve Online information.
Anoik.isWormhole classification tool.
Fuzzwork SDE toolsBlueprint Calculator, LP Store Calculator, and more!
EVE-O PreviewA way to keep an eye on several simultaneously running EVE Online clients and to easily switch between them.
PyFAPyfa is the python fitting assistant; it is a fitting tool for EVE Online that allows you to calculate the stats of any possible combination of ships and modules without having to buy them all in-game.
EVE EyeA universal mapping system for EVE Online.
EVE HREve-HR is a third party application for Eve Online that is designed to help you run your corporation.
EVE Market WatchEVE Market Watch is the best tool for players of EVE Online to keep their markets supplied.
Eve WorkbenchShip Fit Database.
DOTLAN EveMapsThe go-to mapping resource, navigation planer, alliance/sovereignty updates and historical database that gets constantly updated via ESI.

Blogs / WIKIs / Fansites

EVE UniversityEverything there is to know about EVE.
FUNZWIKIKorean Wiki site.
JeuxOnlineEVE News and forum, in French.
K162NewsNew Eden News in Russian
Ashy in SpaceShip fits for your spaceships and musings on EVE Online
The New Eden PostCommunity Sourced News: Articles and Streams
Imperium News Network (INN)Streaming News Network
000- 報告書 EVE ONLINEJapanese Blog with a focus on Nullsec.
EVEogandaRixx Javix's EVE Online blog.
BarkkorGerman blogger and veteran. Guides and overview settings for capsuleers in all situations.
Jezaja's Giant Secure ContainerGerman blogger with fanfiction, tutorial resources and point of contact for the Broadcast4Reps crisis help initiative.
EVE Online Japan WikiEVE Wiki in Japanese. EVE Online Information in Japanese
EVE OnionThe Onion, but about EVE.
Reddit.com/r/Eve Enlightened discussions about EVE Online in forum format, with memes
Quafe BlogGerman blog with refreshing fanfiction and opinions


Declarations of WarWar stories, interviews, analysis, and insight into null sec, wormholes, EVE's mercenaries, the CSM, and more by one of the oldest mercenary corps in EVE Online.
Less than 10Podcast dedicated to smallgang PVP.
Primary Target PodcastMusings on the current state of EVE Online.
Talking in StationsA dedicated news crew that brings you the stories that occur in EVE Online and EVE Echoes.

Streamers / Youtubers

A Higher PerspectiveCinematic and story driven content for the many battles in EVE-Online
Corvus OnzoPVP Streamer
BjornBeePVP - Solo, Small Gang & Big NPSI Public Fleets.
DelonewolfTutorials and insights.
Baleful DysnomiaPVP and Fleet Commanding.
StreamfleetThe EVE Online Streamers Collective.
EventonTutorials for Alphas and Omegas.
BonkersY2kTutorials and fight streams.
PyrophobicTutorials, Abyssal Deadspace, PVE and general all round carebear
AcefaceTutorials and insights.
Zaenis DesefRoleplay ganking.
SuitoniaHigh-quality PVP focused educational content for Eve Online.
AlecjeayExplorations and more.
The OzEverything Economy related.
ErstschlagNullsec combat exploration.
NETFQ - GameplayPVP / PVE / Mining.
JoeBaneSpace Pirate PVP.
One Crazy MonkehESS and PVP.
Dobber_avSolo PVP.
Strange netTutorials and insights.
Markee DragonEverything EVE Related.
Hateless GamingPVE and isk Farming.
RonUSMCWar Reports on the current World War in EVE Online.
PandoFC-ing and fleet warfare.
Torvald UruzAbyssal Deadspace PVE.
RushlockEverything EVE related.
3TEARSAll kinds of space shenanigans.
Uncle Online PVP, PVE and Exploration.
Lokley TheoYoutuber focused on PVP.
Rahne Chocolate"Elite" "PvP" Streamer


La Forja de OrikTutorials, guides, news and everything else about EVE in Spanish


WalldeckGerman speaking streamer. Insights and conversations


Takuya GogikoJapanese PVP streamer


TR CortezRussian youtuber with tutorials
БДИ / BDI2Russian youtuber with tutorials, industry, PVP.
z85tvcRussian youtuber with content on trade and industry.
iBeastRussian PVP Streamer
Ancient SyndicateRussian gaming channel on youtube with regular EVE Online streams.
Архонт СибирскийRussian youtuber with tutorials.

Are you EVE Partner material? Check the criteria and join us!