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2007-06-30 - 작성자 Svarthol

It's been another busy week in the world of EVE and EVE TV has been out in force to at least capture some of what's been going on. In the studio Ifni and Fajung talk about the big news stories, about the trials and tribulations of being PVP experts and there are details on how you can help EVE TV as we prepare for the Fourth PvP Tournament in Iceland.

Host spiralJunkie has a special report from the Game07 event in Manchester where he met up with SHC's Calmdown, Stavros and a very special lady with a Light Saber(tm).

Elsewhere we have a report from CCP's 10th Birthday Party, we also head out on a class with EVE University and we profile what has become one of the most popular battleships in EVE, the Caldari Rokh.

From technical point of view we hope everyone sees an improvement as the EVE TV Team has learned a lot from the first pilot show and the extra week has given us time to iron some of the issue.

There is now a FAQ thread on the forums to help with any questions. Feel free to use this thread for technical and content discussions and feedback and we'll expand things as and when a Q becomes FA.

On next week's show we have Hardin, Rodj Blake and Midnighter in the studio, we have Dev interviews, resident expert Farjung will be joining us, as well as Fangtooth Kasumi, to talk about the first view of the New Player Experiment.