FD-MLJ/PF-346 still dangerous. Many pilots confused about it. | EVE Online

FD-MLJ/PF-346 still dangerous. Many pilots confused about it.

2003-09-24 - 작성자 Svarthol

It is quiet now, this infamous gauntlet of systems which has mean the demise of literally hundreds of pilots. The pirates that usually infest the twin systems are asleep, or wreaking havoc in other lawless areas. But don't let that fool you.

Nowhere in known space has the death count been as consistantly high, day after day. Even a cursory glance at the map built-in to every ship confirms this. Yet day after day, new pilots arrive, sometimes by mistake...sometimes not.

"We know there's pirates there, but what do you expect us to do?" said CONCORD regional commissioner Fallis. "This is lawless space we're talking about. Anyone travelling there is not protected by empire laws. Surely everyone knows that?"

"The Numerous Complaints made by citizens that are saying that information such as this wasn't readily available are now being addressed by the hiring of Interstellar Reporters. Such as yourself."

So remember to upgrade your clone and insure your ship when you head out of empire space, and stay tuned! What you don't know might just kill you...