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Federation Policymakers Exhibit Muted Reactions to Mens Reppola Appointment

2009-05-31 - 작성자 Svarthol

Villore – Reaction from federal senators to Mens Reppola’s appointment as Ishukone CEO has been limited since its announcement, as the senior legislative body of the Gallente Federation continues to adjust to a re-energized Foiritan administration in the wake of last year's events. Taking evidence from analysts at the recent Foreign Relations Committee hearings, senators probing the background of the new Ishukone CEO were widely observed to word their questions on the topic in what many deemed carefully neutral language.

Suggestions by witnesses that the Reppola appointment is an opportunity for renewed diplomatic engagement – a thesis most forcefully advanced by Caille Strategic Review editor Dr. Iyrene Cosala – were not followed up, with the committee opting instead to concentrate on the implications a revitalized Ishukone could have for the Caldari State's military strength. While its focus rested in large part on the military career of the new Ishukone CEO, who is a former captain in the Caldari Navy, the committee steered clear of all inflammatory lines of questioning.

Speaking after her session with the committee, Dr. Cosala expressed frustration at the approach taken by the senators: "It is too cautious and shortsighted to take an outsider's view of what it means to have a strong Ishukone under the leadership of a military figure. In Caldari terms, Mens Reppola has credibility because of his record and thus can effectively oppose the extremes of the Heth agenda." The Federation Senate continues to support the Foiritan administration on foreign policy and no statement has been issued by the Foreign Relations Committe