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Final events for Champions of the Abyss

2020-09-24 - 작성자 CCP Convict

Conflict-loving capsuleers,

The quadrant-long Champions of the Abyss contest is drawing to a close with only two scheduled events remaining as part of the Zenith quadrant.

As announced in this dev blog, capsuleers who rack up most victories across all Proving Grounds events during this quadrant will be declared the Champions of the Abyss and pick up some cool prizes!

Here is the current leaderboard at the conclusion of the most recent event:

RankCharacter NameTotal Victories
1Cable Uta1192
3Tikktokk Tokkzikk537
5Auraus Porcaleus454
6Gorski Car405
7Damassys Kadesh303
8Frigate Gun280
9Ololosha Jouhinen271

There are many capsuleers who are still in contention for a top 10 finish and strong results in the final two events may yet see some changes to that leaderboard! You can see the full Champions of the Abyss leaderboard on the forums here.

The final Proving Grounds events for this quadrant are:

25 - 29 September: 1v1 T1 Combat and Navy Faction Frigates

Ship Types: Punisher, Tormentor, Merlin, Kestrel, Incursus, Tristan, Rifter, Breacher, Imperial Navy Slicer, Crucifier Navy Issue, Caldari Navy Hookbill, Griffin Navy Issue, Federation Navy Comet, Maulus Navy Issue, Republic Fleet Firetail, Vigil Fleet Issue - with a meta level restriction of 5 for modules (nothing higher than T2). Pirate implants are also restricted.

2 - 6 October: 2v2 T1 Crusiers

Ship Types: Arbitrator, Bellicose, Blackbird, Caracal, Celestis, Maller, Moa, Omen, Rupture, Stabber, Thorax, Vexor - each of your team's two cruisers must be a different type. Meta level restriction of 5 for modules (no Faction/Deadspace/Officer/Abyssal modules). Pirate implants are also restricted.

And just to remind you what’s up for grabs, the top 10 characters on the final Champions of the Abyss leaderboard will receive:

  • 1000 PLEX
  • A unique medal commemorating their achievement added to their in-game character sheet

The top 5 characters will also receive:

  • a US$50 voucher and free postage for a single order from the EVE Online Gear Store
  • Their names up in lights on an in-game billboard advertisement celebrating their prowess for all of New Eden to see

In addition to that the top 3 characters will also receive:

  • the EVE Online ship model of their choice from our friends at Mixed Dimensions. The stand for your model will be signed by the development team who worked on the Proving Grounds feature.

And finally, the identity of the overall winner will no doubt become a very hot topic amongst the population of New Eden. That capsuleer can probably expect the most prominent news outlet in the cluster to feature them prominently in an episode to air sometime after the conclusion of Champions of the Abyss!

Good luck to those seeking glorification in the Proving Grounds!