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Further Riots in the Caldari State

2007-06-23 - 작성자 Svarthol

CALDARI STATE - Various systems in the Caldari State are enjoying an uneasy peace following days of rioting orchestrated by the Brothers of Freedom Movement.

Their aim has been the attempted overthrowing of local authorities in a number of cities in Kisogo, Sireshin, Hogimo, Nouvukaiken, and Aikoro. However, backed by the Caldari Navy, local police now hold the streets in the affected areas.

Armed mobs of substantial numbers had taken to the streets in a clear threat to the local status quo, with the ringleaders having identified Kisogo as their focus where the fighting has been at its most fierce.

A rapid response was prepared by the local Megacorporations and the Navy Security Forces and the rioting was eventually suppressed at the cost of numerous lives, reported to total in the thousands. Many of these are believed to be unfortunate civilians, caught up in the riot.

Eyewitness reports that armed citizens chanted anti-State rhetoric and demanded power for the people, whilst others clamoured for the resignation of alleged corrupt officials.

Shortly before the first riot erupted, State officials revealed that Melarius Torvil, the leader of the Brothers of Freedom, sent them a message stating: “The enemies of the Caldari have shown themselves to be within the State, they have refused to stand down peacefully, so now we will put them down.”

In response to the riots, Caldari officials have been quick to declare the Brothers of Freedom as an ‘enemy of the State’ and issued warrants for the arrest of its leaders. In a news conference civic leaders pleaded: “That all citizens should remain alert” and that the “Caldari Navy has been tasked with the bringing down of the organizations and shall bring it's ringleaders to justice.”

The pacification operation is believed to be led by Caldari Navy’s Commander Jurensai.