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Gallente Drone Manufacturing Sector Reports Slumping Profits

2008-09-21 - 작성자 Svarthol

Luminaire - The Federal Stock Market dropped several points today in reaction to news of slumping profits from a number of drone manufacturers. Analysts attribute the slump to an increase in human military recruitment as well as a general shift away from automated defense systems in the wake of the recent invasion by the Caldari State. While no significant losses have been recorded among the major players in the drone industry, news of a slowdown following instability in the Gallente military sector has clearly rattled brokers.

Despite the turbulence, market leader CreoDron has stabilized its share of the market at 34%. Much of CreoDron's punching power comes from its strong presence in the capsuleer trade arena, a factor which has minimised the impact of geopolitical events on the company's bottom line. However, the marked downturn in the fortunes of corporations such as Dallyard Drone Systems, Jalbert Automated Defence and Combine Robotic appears directly attributable to the great mass of volunteers now signing up for the Federal armed forces in response to several specialist recruitment drives initiated in recent months.

Market analyst Frederic Gallio, Senior Trader at Bloemfort and Gallio, said, "The appetite of the Federal military for drones and other automated defenses has decreased somewhat in the wake of the Malkalen disaster. The failure of strategic early warning systems in the run-up to the Caldari invasion of the Luminaire system is also a key factor."