Gallente Federation Day Returns | EVE Online

Gallente Federation Day Returns

2022-06-16 - 작성자 EVE Online Team

Proud Capsuleers!

Gallente Federation Day returns running until 28 June, offering you the chance to grab log-in rewards, take part in new challenges, and pick up some special offers!

Federation Day Parades

The glorious Federation Day parades return for 2022, offering pilots the chance to show off their firework-flinging skills at parades in the Luminaire, Villore, Dodixie, Lirsautton, Alentene, Orvolle, and Octanneve systems.

Also returning from last year’s celebrations are the special mining blitz events, and stunning monuments where you can pay tribute.

A new Gallente Grand Prix

This year’s celebrations also go hand-in-hand with a special Grand Prix event. While you raise a glass to the glorious Gallente Federation, why not take part in a race around New Eden to further show your support?

Cloudy with a chance of carnage

No event would be complete without a fresh new Proving Grounds challenge to tackle. Taking place between 24-27 June, this Proving Grounds event focuses on turret damage, and includes an intriguing new twist.

A huge Tachyon Cloud at the center of the arena provides a 300% boost to velocity, and a 50% reduction in ship inertia. As well as finessing your ship fits, you’ll also need to play carefully with this environmental effect if you’re to emerge victorious.

Celebrate with the EVE community

On 25 June you can also enjoy a player hosted event taking place in Luminaire from 18:00 UTC! Throw your fireworks around, light up your ships, and wow the crowd to earn cash prizes and a selection of SKINs.

There’ll also be a bonus trivia quiz, poster design competition, and plenty more besides. Head over to the thread on the official forums for all the details.

Free gifts and new challenges

Log in for at least eight days during the event and you’ll earn a selection of SKINs, and boosters! Fresh seasonal challenges will also be available, giving you even more opportunities to earn rewards.

Special sales & the return of Federation Police SKINs

The Federation Police SKINs will make a very welcome return to the New Eden Store for the duration of the event, along with an expanded collection of Luminaire Rising SKINs.

A selection of Federation-themed bundles will also be available on the EVE Store, packed with Skill Points, boosters & SKINs. Dress up in style as you race around New Eden!

See you at the celebrations!