GM Week - Day Seven Review! | EVE Online

GM Week - Day Seven Review!

2018-08-27 - 작성자 GM Stardust

Hey guys, Stardust here!

GM Week has finally concluded, and it ended in the same way it started - with a blast!

The second Whack-a-Bot even was hosted in Yulai on Sunday night, with capsuleers from all over New Eden flocking to the system in an amazing show of solidarity against the Bot scourge. Or, you know, just to get some dank loot and pad their killboards, but hey, we take what we get.

Check the image above for a shot of the largest ship piloted by a dirty botter that was brought to swift justice.

Name A GM

After running the best event ever on Reddit, it is now clear that the GM Formerly Known as Spider, shall henceforth be known as: GM Socket_Closed

The race was tight from the very start, with the winner barely beating the runner up by mere 600 points.

The community really stepped up their game in this competition and it would be a shame if these gems were forgotten, so here are the runners up and some honorable mentions:

Second place: GM xXxY0LoSwAg420bLaZeItDrAgOnBlOoDHaX0RzReLoAdEd2k18xXx Third place: GM McGMface Honorable mentions:

  • GM Dealership
  • GM 420BootyWizard
  • GM
  • GM SQL> DROP TABLE Alliance_member.list
  • GM Stunt Flores (lol)
  • GM GetYourT2BlueprintsHere (savage)

In Closing

It’s safe to say that the past week has been an absolute blast and the GMs want to express their gratitude to you all.

Your participation in the events surpassed our expectations at every turn, and the positive sentiment expressed by a vast majority of you guys pretty much guarantees that we’ll be repeating GM Week next year.

GM Stardust, signing out for now!

Fly safe ya’ll!