Happy Birthday, EVE Online! | EVE Online

Happy Birthday, EVE Online!

2011-05-06 - 작성자 CCP Fallout

It's EVE's anniversary and we've got a gift for you. Details below...

There's nothing I enjoy more after a hard day's work than docking at the CCP station in Polaris, wiping off that goopy capsuleer fluid, and heading out to the Community Corner to hang out with my team mates. Sometimes we play some games, sometimes we gossip, but usually we just kick back and relax. I was in that "relax" frame of mind when I got to the door. It effortlessly slid open, and I was immediately greeted by a ginormous burp from Zymurgist.


Zymurgist was sitting on the couch, his feet up on the table, eyeing the planetary interaction screen. He turned his head ever so slightly in response to my admonition.

"Oh, hey Fallout. Sorry about that. Zinfandel dropped by."

"So you burped in honor of him?"

Zymurgist let another one fly. "Oh, no, but he left us some presents!"

Zym held up a can. I moved closer to inspect it, and couldn't help but notice that there were five empties on the table surrounding his bootless feet. I grabbed the can out of his hand just as he was about to take another swig.

"Quafe Zero?"

Zym nodded, let another burp fly, and then explained the deal to me...

Eight years ago on May 6, a dream was born, a beautiful, violent, amazing dream called EVE Online, where you could do anything, be anything and, most importantly, fly Internet space ships, which is, as we all know, serious business.

As a thank you to all of you who actively play the game, we would like to give each of you a six-pack sample of the Quafe Company's newest product, Quafe Zero. Made from compounds found only in Sleeper vessels, each can of Quafe Zero promises to boost your Speed and Scan Resolution 5% for one hour, with zero booster side effects. Tastes great, won't fill you up, and makes you a better pilot? For free? What a deal!

How do you get your six pack? Easy! Starting May 6 at 00:00 UTC and ending May 31 at 00:00 UTC, you can get your six pack of Quafe Zero by following these simple steps:

  • Log into the EVE Online client.
  • At the character selection screen there will be a Redeem Items button in the lower right corner. Select the character you wish to receive the Quafe Zero and press the Redeem Items button.

  • Check the box next to the Quafe Zeroin the confirmation window and press the Redeem Selected Items button.
  • You will receive a confirmation window that informs you which character is receiving the Quafe Zero and in which station it will be deposited. They are always deposited at the character's current location. 
  • Click Yes to accept the confirmation window if you are happy with your decision.
  • Log in and drink up!

Offer limited to one six-pack per account.

To use a Quafe Zero, simply right-click and select "consume."

We are truly honored that you have chosen to fly with us. Eight years! It seems like only yesterday when you blew up your first ship, podded your first pilot, mined your first mineral. From the bottom of our bottomless hearts, we cannot thank you enough for flying with us.

Fly safely!