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Imperial Navy Destroys Tetrimon Installation

2006-10-14 - 작성자 Svarthol

In an alarming display of strength last Wednesday evening, a fleet from the Amarrian Imperial Navy, at the behest of the Theology Council, destroyed a large installation belonging to the Order of St. Tetrimon on the fringes of Amarr space.

The Navy fleet, comprised of seven Revelation-class dreadnoughts and three Archon-class carriers, was dispatched from the Amarr solar system by Theology Council representative Deacon Lorenzo Azir shortly after 1900 New Eden standard time. Adressing the fleet leader Commander Jonnes TaKrima, Deacon Azir levelled allegations that the Tetrimon Cult had been spying on the private communications of the Theology Council. Speaking over the system wide public communications channel Deacon Azir stated, "We, the Theology Council, can not tolerate the level of insolence witnessed. Especially not from an old cult without the rights to spy on what isn't for their eyes or ears. This will teach them a lesson to remember for the future." The statement was followed by a blessing in an ancient Amarrian language, before the fleet conducted its final departure checks and left the system.

Using the Imperial Navy's network of cynosural jump fields, the fleet made its way to the Myyhera system, a small area of space in The Bleak Lands which was home to a recently constructed Tetrimon Cult installation. Wasting little time, the fleet immediately warped to the first moon of the third planet in the system and laid siege to the installation's massive shield systems. Bewildered locals and passers-by looked on as the Imperial Navy fleet attacked the installation, unopposed by any Tetrimon vessels and even aided in their endeavour by an Arbitrator-class cruiser piloted by loyalist capsuleer Rythm. The fleet proceeded to take down the installation's central structure before laying waste to every facility in the compound. In just under two hours the formidable capital fleet had, in Commander Jonnes TaKrima's words, "...destroyed this instrument of crime." He then went on to add, "The Empire doesn't have time for people who defy Imperial decree. I hope everyone here learns a lesson from this."

The absence of any Tetrimon personnel on or around the installation was of greater concern to some individuals. Yoreth Thinka, a local capsuleer pilot who witnessed the Navy's impressive take down of the facility commented, "It's hard to believe that the Tetrimon failed to answer a call of arms to actually protect their property." Analysts believe that although the loss of the installation was a significant financial blow to the Tetrimon Cult, they lacked the kind of physical assets necessary to successfully defend against such a large and powerful attacking force, apparently choosing to sacrifice the installation in order to preserve as many ships and people as possible.

Spokesmen from the Tetrimon Order have yet to make any official announcements regarding the events; nevertheless it is widely assumed that the cult's espionage activities were aimed at encouraging the Theology Council into legitimising the Tetrimon scriptures currently under theological investigation. Deacon Lorenzo Azir's statement and the actions of the Imperial Navy suggest that the entire operation has backfired on the cult. The Theology Council is now expected to reject the scriptures and force the Privy Council to reinstate the Order of St. Tetrimon's exile within the week.